How To Save Money On Movies

The TV is known to be the most popular past time since its creation until the present. However, the TV only owes its prestige from movies that have made the motion picture popular in the first place. Movies are more than just entertainment that like television talk shows or prime time series, movies are often works of art. Because of this many spend extra cash just to watch movies. However, you need not spend tons of cash for this. Here are some tips for inexpensive movie viewing experience.

1. Go on Discount Days If you are into watching the latest movies and in the big screen, I suggest going on discount days in order to save some money, especially if you’re not alone. The problem is that during these days, there are more people than usual and getting tickets may be hard. However, this can easily be resolved by going to the ticket booth's website and reserving tickets in advance.

2. Get Premium TV Subscription Some cable and digital TV carriers offer premium subscriptions that gets you access to pay per views and the latest movies in HD. You get to watch these great movies in the comfort of your own home and you can watch tons of them for a minimal rate. The best thing is that you can watch it with as much people as you want.

3. Skip the Popcorn If you are with several people buying popcorn can easily inflate the budget. Cut on the extra calories and pass on the popcorn. If you really want something to chew on, buy large pack of popcorn and share it with your companions instead of buying one for each person.

4. Consider renting If you are into Blu-Ray or DVDs then consider renting them from authorized renting stations. You will probably only watch it once and a small renting fee is truly worth it especially if you will be watching it with the whole family or with your friends.

5. Buy DVDs or Blue Rays from local pawn shops Pawn shops often buy Blu-Ray Movies if they are really good. Thus, pawn shops are good places to look movies for if you are considering on owning the movie for the sake of collecting it or watching it again and again.

6. Get Coupon Codes “If you love it, then buy it” as the saying goes. Buying the movies from authorized stores will keep the movie industry going. Buying a movie in DVD or Blu-Ray format is still an affordable option compared to watching it on the cinema. But as opposed to options 4 and 5, this is a slightly more expensive option. However, owning a brand new DVD or Blu-Ray has a different pleasure to it if you really love movies. If you want to make savings out of this, it is best if you can get your hands on to some coupons for walmart or discount coupons from other stores that sell Blu-Ray. This makes it almost as affordable as second hand copies.


Maureen said...

Another tip is to go to the movies earlier in the day when it is cheaper!


Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiners Book Blog) said...

I agree with Maureen!

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