Unique Investment Ideas For Your Family

Back when our first son was just a baby, we struggled to get by each month. I had a part-time job, we lived in an apartment and my husband was still in law school! We lived on my measly salary and student loans back then, just making it month to month. Times were tough, but thankfully, times have changed for our little growing family!

Unlike our life only five years ago, we are now able to save and put back a bit of money each month. With two boys quickly growing and one about to begin school, we have already started thinking about investing money for their future. College is not cheap, as my own parents learned, so I want to be prepared. I've been talking with my parents about the different options we have and he suggested checking silver bullion prices!

So far, we have been keeping our money in a savings account, but not earning much of a return. That's why we have decided we are going to buy silver eagles. The coins are collectable and usually maintain their worth over time. In fact, their value will most likely increase over time. What I like about investing this way is that it's so safe and I can keep the coins in-hand. I know they are with me if I should ever need to sell them.

I have to admit that when I was a child, I loved coin collecting! I had several from around the world as well as collectable US coins. I think that is why buying the silver eagle coins really appeals to me. Plus, they are affordable! I can purchase several, keep them in our social security box and by the time the kids are going to college, who knows how much they will be worth. That's part of the excitement!

In what unique ways to you invest money for your family? Do you buy silver bullion?


Amy B said...

I loved collecting coins when I was little too - great idea

DeniseL said...

I'm pretty traditional when it comes to investing - mostly stocks, bonds, mutual funds. I have started buying my 20 year old daughter a few stocks for each birthday/holiday occasion. She loves it! I try to buy her solid companies that she has an interest in. I feel like these gifts will bring her much more than the latest fashion craze or electronic gadget of the day.

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiners Book Blog) said...

No, but it is interesting idea.

Maureen said...

I have never heard of that before! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!!!

TinyTyrant said...

I'm not very creative with my investment ideas, either. I once saved two NIB Furbies because I thought they would be worth something some day. LOL

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