Horse Haven: Own a Horse Farm Without All the Hassle

What child isn't fascinated with horses? I always begged for a horse as a child, but, of course, never received one. I eventually outgrew my love for horses (okay, I still like them a little), but now I have kids! Even my boys love horses and, since there are horse farms all around where we live, we drive past them constantly, making them want one even more. Luckily, we have found a happy medium, a place where my son can play with horses, feed them and even build onto his own farm. One of our favorite game makers, UbiSoft, has created Horse Haven, making it possible for children to finally have the horse or horses of their dreams!

I helped Josiah get started, but the game makes it very easy to begin with a tutorial. Five minutes after beginning, you know exactly what to do and you have goals to work towards for your farm! Here's basically what your farm looks like when you begin and the tutorial that tells you what to do.
It didn't take long before Josiah's farm was growing and thriving. He loves how you must feed the horses, wash them and really take care of them. We added a water well, a petting zoo and even a carrot garden for some delicious horse treats! Here is how we fed the horse carrots:
Josiah had such a great time with this game that we've played it a few times now. It just doesn't get old for him, so I know he'll be playing this one for a while. I have to admit, I'm curious about what is to come. They mention horse shows and even breeding, so it looks like the game just gets more exciting as you go along!

Our day of planning and building came to an end when we ran out of energy. Then, you must wait a certain amount of time before continuing or you can purchase more energy if you don't want to wait. I am hoping this game eventually goes to the iPad because I would love for him to have a more portable version. For now, I have a feeling we'll be on Facebook much more often! Here's what the farm looked like after a hard day's work:

Give Horse Haven a try and let me know what you think!

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That sounds like an interesting game... Is it mostly clicking, or is there some strategy involved?

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