Prepare for the Invasion of a New Galaxy

Prepare for the Invasion of a New Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II are two of the largest contributors of what and where Samsung is now when it comes to the smart phone industry. This has garnered the Samsung Galaxy S series a reputation of being the phone to beat when it comes to display and performance. And when Samsung has announced the release of the latest phone in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S III, every smart hone fan knew that it is going to be the longest wait since the iPhone 4. So to make the wait seem longer, here are some sneak peeks of what the Samsung Galaxy S III has to offer.

The Samsung Galaxy S III features a very different appearance than its predecessors. Where the first two Galaxy S phones are rectangular in shape, the new Samsung Galaxy S III features rounded edges. The menu button is also considerably smaller this time. Samsung's newest phone's body is made up of a glossy plastic that has undergone a process that what Samsung would call Hyperglaze. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a slick new phone that has a fresh look to it.

Samsung is considered as the best when it comes to digital TV screens, side by side with Sony. In its past phones, Samsung has proven itself able to miniaturize these features through its Galaxy and galaxy S II's AMOLED and Super AMOLED screens. And in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, the Super AMOLED screen is back. Only bigger this time. It has a 4.8 inch screen. Not only that it is bigger, its images are also sharper with the density of 302 PPI. It is exciting to see if it will be able to match iPhone 4S's retina display.

The Galaxy S series is known for its performance, and it is interesting to see if the third in the series will be able to uphold this reputation. Looking at its specifications of Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9; Exynos 4212 Quad chipset; and Mali-400MP GPU, this new starship by Samsung looks like the phone to beat. Its 1.4 Quad core CPU is one of the most powerful smart phone processors that will be released to the market. It is interesting as to how Samsung will channel this power into performance. Hopefully, it will do as well as it does on synthetic benchmarks, which is nothing short of fantastic.

Operating System
The Samsung Galaxy S III is still equipped with the Android OS and the Touch Wiz combination. But with the extra half inch since the Samsung Galaxy S II, a lot of promise can be made for the new user interface. For example, there are four new shortcuts that can be placed at the dock screen. Aside from this, heavy modifications were also reported to have been done such as the fully customizable lock screen and up to seven fully customizable home screens. With this kind of monster coming our way, it is hard not to think of the price tag. But whatever the price is, its performance is almost sure to give us one of the best cell phone deals ever.


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