Planning For An Amazing Summer Vacation

With the upcoming holidays nearing, I know it is time to start planning ahead. I look forward to summer every year because it not only means beautiful, warm weather, but it's vacation time for us! We save during the year to help us afford an amazing vacation, but I still don't want to overspend. This is why I scout out the best deals in several ways and try to save as much money as possible.

The first step to trip-planning is deciding on where to go. More often than not, we end up going to a beach, which works for me! I love going to the beach and so do the kids since they can play in the ocean and make sandcastles. I love sitting on the beach and reading a good book. Hotels can charge ridiculous fees, so I avoid making reservations straight through them. Instead, I made sure to see Coupon Codes for Expedia in order to find which beaches had any specials, promotions and discounts. I have always wanted to take the kids to the Bahamas and found an amazing deal for July at a resort.

Once I had the resort booked, I went to find Promo Codes for Southwest Airlines Vacations. With a family of four, flights can become very expensive quickly, so finding good deals is a must when trying to budget. Southwest Airlines had some deals that were completely affordable and they went to the Bahamas, so we booked immediately.

I have to admit, it was such a relief to have the major holiday planning taken care of! Usually the planning is pretty stressful, but this time I felt like it was so easy. In fact, I have all of this extra time to view free Coupon Codes for your summer holiday! We've saved money on the vacation so far. Why not extend it to everything else we need for the vacation? I purchased new hats, swimsuits and, of course, sunscreen for the family, all at discount prices with the promo codes. The only thing left to do at this point was to find a good book. Luckily, Rick Riordan's new book is out, so I scooped it up for only $12 with a coupon. Not bad!

Are you planning a trip this summer? How much money can you save? Leave a comment telling us how you save money when vacationing!


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Thanks for the links, and the coupons, when we go out of town, I will have to check it out

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