Planning A Family Vacation: A Trip To New York & A Cruise

Summer is once again nearing and we all know what that means: time for a vacation! Many of us (my husband included) looks forward to our vacation all year. We take a week each July for a family trip and I've already begun working on the details. Sometimes we go to the beach and other times we visit historical sites. This year I really want to take the kids up to New York!

I've been to several countries and many states, but have yet to visit New York, though I've always wanted to go. Now that I have children, I want to show them the world and what better place to start than the states nearby? We can see the Statue of Liberty, visit Times Square, and, of course the Central Park Zoo.

I was planning our trip to be just around the state, but then I found cruises from New York and the plan changed! We all know just how tiring a vacation can be, often ended up at home even more exhausted than before, but not this time. After a few days of being tourists around New York, we are going on a cruise. I love going on cruises and this time it's so affordable that I just can't resist.

I do love traveling with my family and visiting different states, but cruises are even more fun. Have you ever been on one? The last cruise I was on went to several different places, including Jamaica and the Bahamas. I was able to plan excursions to historical places and also go on other just plan fun adventures. The last time I went swimming with dolphins, but I've also gone mountain biking and horseback riding!

When I told my husband our vacation plans for this summer, he was even more excited than usual. He's never been on a cruise before, so this will be a first for him, too! I cannot wait for them to experience all of the excitement in New York and then on a cruise. What are your plans for this summer?


Jan Messali said...

We have a trip to NY (our first) and a cruise planned for September. Can't wait!

Becca said...

Rebecca Xavier: New York is a great place to visit! Your cruise sounds awesome. I have never been on one before. My family vacation will be to Brazil where husband grew up.

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiners Book Blog) said...

This sounds great, I'd love to go.

Maureen said...

We have been on two cruises and we love, love, love them. We are hoping to go on one again sometime when our kids are a little bigger!


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