Excited About Buying A New Home & Finding The Right Mortgage

We've rented our apartments and homes for years now and we finally think it is about time we settle down in one area. We have found a picture perfect area up in the mountains for our family. The kids love where we live, there are great schools and it is absolutely gorgeous. The easy part was deciding we were ready to own a home. Now comes the difficult parts of the plan: finding a home and finding the right mortgage. Many of our friends and relatives have already been through the home-buying process and have their own advice to offer, but this is our first time looking at family mortgages.

Although I want a new home, we are a family on a budget, so I want to make sure our house payments are still affordable! My parents have been through the process several times and have been coaching me on what to expect. My parents actually have a mortgage broker they've used for years and that's helped them actually save money through their mortgages! So, I know having a broker you can trust and count on is the most important step. They have refinanced their homes and now their payments have greatly decreased.
One of the cabins we are thinking about purchasing!
The process of finding a house has finally begun and we spend our Sunday afternoons driving around, scoping out homes for sale. It's so much fun deciding on a house as a family. There are many from which to choose in our area and with the market priced to sale, now is definitely the time to buy!

Have you purchased your own home? If you have any tips for us, leave us a comment below. We welcome any help at all and are so excited to finally purchase our own home!


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