Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life DVD Review

I was excited to watch Jeremy Fink and the Meaning Of life on DVD because I have read the book by Wendy Mass. I love comparing books to their corresponding movies and spotting their little differences.  Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life was released on March 6th and can be found via DVD, on demand and digitally.

About the Movie
In the movie, 12-year-old Jeremy Fink receives a mysterious wooden box with the words “The Meaning of Life – for Jeremy Fink to open on his 13 birthday.”  The box has four locks, but the keys are lost.  In order to find out what secrets lie within the box, it’s up to Jeremy and his best friend Lizzy to search high and low throughout Manhattan for clues to the keys.

The adventure takes them from flea markets to science museums, and the duo meet an assortment of wacky and interesting characters along the way.  Each encounter unlocks a clue, bringing them closer to finding out just what’s in the box – and ultimately the greatest secret of them all!  

My Thoughts
My son loves mysteries and solving clues through movies, books and games, so I had a feeling he would really enjoy this movie. I have to admit, he is a little young for this movie and didn't really get all of the 'meaning of life' parts and the metaphysical aspects, but he did enjoy the adventure and action.

The DVD has many special features, including cast interviews, deleted scenes, a downloaded audio reading by the author and much, much more! Rated PG, this movie is 88 minutes, which I think is about right for a children's movie. It's not too long and has enough action to keep them interested. Four and five-year olds may be a little small for this one, but my nephew, who is 11, loved this movie!
The suggested retail price for the DVD is $29.99, but you can buy it on Amazon right now for only $9.99! That's such an awesome deal and totally worth it for this movie.  
For more information about Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, please visit www.Phase4Films.com, www.facebook.com/phase4films  or visit @Phase4Films.   



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