Receiving A Beautiful Gift Of Flowers

This year my birthday fell on a weekday! I was disappointed because it is so hard to wait for the weekend for a celebration! I was at home on March 19th with my kids, as usual, while my husband was at work. The day was pretty much just like any other, playing, eating lunch and having fun until the doorbell rang. Who could it possibly be? As I opened the door, I saw what was being delivered and a smile immediately spread across my face. Flowers! My husband had ordered Flowers from Interflora! This was such a nice surprise and something I never would have expected. Plus, they were freshly cut and absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't wait to display them out on our dining room table for everyone to admire!

There is just something about a gift of flowers for a special occasion that just spreads joy like no other gifts can. Not to mention, flowers can completely brighten up any room in the house. Our dining room looks so much brighter and I feel like summer really is here! I smile every time I catch sight of the flowers. Only a few days later, our extended family came over to celebrate my birthday and the flowers were still beautiful, lively and colorful. What flowers did I receive? Tulips are my absolute favorite, so I was sent a bouquet of different color tulips.

This month just happened to not only be my Mom's birthday, but also Mother's Day. After receiving such a beautiful bouquet from my husband, I was inspired to arrange flower delivery with Interflora. My Mom's favorite flowers are daisies, so I found a huge bouquet of Gerber daisies that I knew she would absolutely love. As soon as they arrived at her doorstep, she called to thank me and was actually crying. She couldn't believe how lovely they were and was so excited to receive them.

Now I know that flowers really do make perfect gifts, so I plan on sending many bouquets in the near future. It seems like over the next few months many of my friends and relatives are celebrating special occasions and, being summertime, I am very busy with my two boys, their activities and our vacations. After receiving my own flowers and my mom loving her own flowers, I've decided to go ahead and schedule flower delivery for my mother-in-law and cousin, too! It's so easy to do and actually fun deciding on bouquets for them.

Have you ever received flowers from a loved one? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!


Danielle Harper said...

Flowers truly can brighten someone's day. My hubby has sent me them a few times and I am always so excited.

Mama Chocolate said...

Hubby sends them sometimes on my birthday or our anniversary, especially if the day falls on a weekday when he has to work.
I remember one time when they got delivered while my mom was at my house with me and she was impressed. ;-)

Whitney Jordan said...

I think pretty much everyone enjoys receiving flowers! I like it the most when they are unexpected, though! :)

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

I haven't had flowers delivered in a LONG time! And come to think of it... I haven't had flowers on my table in a long time too! I will need to get on that :)

betty baez said...

I love getting flowers! It just brightens up my day

Jeena Smith said...
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Will Smith said...
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