Thursday Deep Thoughts

I've wanted to pick a day to write each week about something on my mind. Why not make it Thursday? I know, as bloggers, we often spend so much time writing reviews that we lose track of writing about our own personal thoughts and life. Hopefully I can keep up with these posts each week if everyone likes them!

So, here's what I am thinking about today...

Something happened today that got me thinking about expectations of people. It seems to be the consensus among authors that if you have no expectations of people, you will never be disappointed. We are human and, being human, we think, we feel and we explore. How can we not have expectations about the world around us?

I think a more accurate statement would be that when others meet our expectations (or do not) it can be both satisfying and disappointing at the same time. We want others to meet our expectations, but we idealize what this means. Plus, once they meet the expectations, we often expect even more or more! When we expect others to fail expectations, this, too, can be expected and satisfying that you were right about the person, but also disappointing.

Overall, I think Bruce Lee had it correct when he said, “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” If only we could accept this as truth, maybe we could love each other for who we are and realize it is human to err occasionally.

What are your thoughts on the subject?


Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiners Book Blog) said...

I try to expect little, and then I won't be disappointed, though I usually still am.

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