Sweet'N Low Truck Events Coming To Your Neighborhood #ad #DontHesitaste

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sweet’N Low. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
As a typical southern family, my mom always had sweet tea in the fridge ready for us each and every day. Instead of sugar, she always used Sweet'N Low to perfectly sweeten up the tea and make it delicious. As a result, sweet tea is one of my favorite drinks. My mom taught me so much about cooking and I've taken many of her recipes with me and use them often for my own family, including her sweet tea. Thanks to Influence Central, I was able to be a part of a Sweet'N Low event here in the Atlanta area and couldn't wait to share my experience with readers.

Last Sunday, Sweet'N Low visited Atlantic Station in Atlanta, which just happens to be my favorite place to shop and dine! We were excited to spend a day in the big city and have some fun shopping and eating lunch. As soon as we parked, I saw someone holding samples of sweet tea, so I knew we were nearing the event.
She was directing everyone to the big Sweet'N Low truck a block away and told us to go over for some fun. We turned the corner and immediately saw the bright pink Sweet'N Low truck up ahead. You really couldn't miss it!
All day, the Sweet'N Low truck was putting out some delicious recipes using Sweet'N Low and, I was happy to be there while the fresh sweet tea was being made and handed out to everyone around Atlantic Station. Let me first say that the day was scorching hot and there aren't that many trees around, so a nice glass of sweet tea is not only refreshing, but much needed.
I was with my friend who is diabetic and cannot indulge in many sweets. As we sat sipping our tea, we both remarked that it was not only delicious, but tasted just like sweet tea should. Everyone who was sampling seemed to think the same thing. We even saw some people going back for seconds and I couldn't blame them one bit!

Much to my surprise, there was much more going on than just the sweet tea! 

While sipping sweet tea, guests could take a selfie as part of the Sweet'N Low photo contest. You can also do that from home by taking a photo of your favorite recipe with Sweet'N Low and using the hashtags #DontHesitaste and #contestentry! For official rules, click the link in this paragraph.
Attend A Sweet'N Low Event
From now until September 20th, the Sweet'N Low truck will be heading around the U.S. and visiting different cities! Be sure to check out the Sweet'N Low truck events to see if it will be coming to your neighborhood. You do not want to miss out on these events because they are not only fun, but you can taste some delicious tea, play some games, and even take a selfie for a chance to win.

Receive A Gift
Once you find an event nearby, be sure to remember my blog, Children Teaching Mama. When you attend, let them know you read about it on my blog to receive a free gift. I got one at the event and love it, but I'll keep it a secret so you can be surprised when you go.

Have you ever tried Sweet'N Low? If you have, let me know what you think about it below! If not, give it a try and let me know what you think. In my opinion, it is the best sweetener available and it is also zero calorie! You can't beat that.

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