Relieve Back Pain With Tempurpedic

The first time I noticed any signs of back pain was after I had my first son, who ended up being almost 9 pounds! The back pain wasn't too bad until I was pregnant with my second son who sat right on my tailbone and cause excruciating, shooting pain. A few months after having him, I was still experiencing pain, so I knew it was time to do something about it.

There are many ways to minimize back pain, but only a few have worked for me. I first saw a specialist who diagnosed my pain so I could better understand what I was feeling and what caused it to worsen. This is the first and most important step because you will find out what you need to do!

The second thing I did was look for tempurpedic products. My mattress at the time was, unfortunately, a futon, which meant it was very thin and hard. Every morning I woke up completely stiff for hours. I looked at tempurpedic beds and we actually ended up buying a new mattress that is amazing! Paired with a tempurpedic pillow, I am in heaven every time I go to bed at night.

Yes, I've used other methods to control the pain, such as medication and ice packs, but I learned the hard way that if you sleep on a cheap mattress, this is much, much worse for your back and can cause unnecessary pain. Now that we have a nice mattress and my favorite pillow (I take it everywhere), my back pain is minimal. I rarely have muscle spasms and do not need to take medication.

So, the lesson here? See a doctor for your pain, but also make sure your bed is not causing back pain, too. Tempurpedic products was really the answer for me and it may be for you, too!

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Maureen said...

My in laws have a Tempurpedic and they LOVE it! I am hoping to have one someday too =)

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