Making Your Wedding Fun & Memorable In Las Vegas!

When my husband and I met, we were still in graduate school and didn't have much money at all. We wanted to get married, but had to do so on a budget. This is why we decided to do something small, only inviting our closest friends and family. We rented a huge cabin in the mountains and had our ceremony on the back porch. That day in December was absolutely gorgeous and a day I will always remember, but it did lack a fun reception.

Since we decided to do something smaller at first, we've already started talking about having an all-out party. We've been married for almost 6 year now and I've already started planning our vow renewals for our 10 year anniversary. I've always wanted a Las Vegas Wedding and think it would be so much fun not only for us, but for all of our guests, too.

I've never been to Vegas, but have always wanted to go. I've always thought a wedding in Las Vegas would be unforgettable and now I get to experience it for myself! Besides the actual wedding, there is so much to see and do around town that I have a feeling we will be going non-stop for the entire trip. Plus, it's all fun and no stress since you can buy wedding packages and easily get a marriage license! No crazy planning and waiting months in advanced.

What is your dream wedding idea? Will you renew vows with your spouse? I think Las Vegas would be the perfect place to have a unique wedding and can't wait for our celebration!


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