Dawn Power Clean 5-Minute Challenge & Tips For Saving Time In The Kitchen #SocialMoms

As we all know, Mamas have very busy days and we need to save time where ever and whenever we can! We still struggle to fit everything in each day that we want to do, but there are some ways to be more efficient and save some time during our daily kitchen routine. For instance, using Dawn Power Clean Dishwashing Soap!

As a Mama who loves to cook, I am constantly washing dirty dishes. I don't mind washing out cups and plates. Those are easy. What I do mind is scrubbing out pots and pans that are greasy and have food stuck all over them. Yuck! Sometimes they just seem impossible to clean thoroughly and the next time you pull them out to use, they feel sticky. I cannot stand that, which is why I was excited to put Dawn Power Clean Dishwashing Soap to the test. Would this help us save some time in the kitchen each day? Before we reveal the results, take a look at our tips for saving time in the kitchen!

5 Tips for Saving Time In The Kitchen Each Day! 

1. Start with a clean workspace! It's so much easier to make a dinner when you have the space to do so. You can spread out cutting boards and mixing bowls, not worrying about spilling or making more of a mess!
2. Before eating dinner, soak dishes and bowls with Dawn Power Clean. Instead of letting the mixing bowls, spoons, etc. sit and dry out, making them even harder to clean, soak them and they'll be ready to very easily clean when you are finished with dinner.
3. Make lunches before going to bed. I always go ahead and make my son's sandwich ahead of time. Packing his lunchbox at night saves us so much time in the morning, which is usually when we are running around behind schedule.
4. Use reusable bags! We purchased a great deal of different sized reusable bags for our foods, such as sandwich and snack bags for lunchboxes and baggies for leftovers. This saves time by not having to stock up at the grocery store every time we have a big meal. Plus, it's better for the environment.
5. Keep ingredients, spices and other staple foods stocked! There are some foods and ingredients we use constantly, so it's just better to keep them stocked! Cinnamon, sugar, garlic salt, bread and more- these are all stocked and ready to go for each meal. 

There are several other ways to save time, too, such as pre-cooking meals and freezing them. We often freeze vegetables from our garden for future dinners! What are your own time-saving tips for the kitchen?

So, ready for our test results?
We were sent a Dawn Power Clean Challenge Kit to give these tough, grease-fighting soap to work, so that's exactly what we did. We received a bottle of Dawn Power Clean along with a sponge and a timer! I love Dawn products and my mom has always used them, too, so I was excited to give this soap a try... and wash dishes, which is a first! After a delicious Italian dinner baked in the oven, my glass bakeware was, as usually, greasy and food was stuck to the sides. I filled the sink with some water and Dawn Power Clean. Then, I added the dish and let it sit for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, the dish looked so much better! The grease was minimal and the food was barely hanging on. All I had to do at that point was use the sponge to remove the rest of the food and voila, we were good to go! I am a total Dawn Power Clean fan now and you bet we'll be using it from now on for our greasy dishes.

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Maureen said...

I am all about saving time and money! One way that we save money in the kitchen (and the bathrooms) is we bought one of those pumps for the soap. We buy regular handwashing soap and water it down. It suds up because of the pump. We love it!

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