America's Supernanny Casting Call For Atlanta Area

As many of you may know, we live just north of Atlanta, Georgia, so I am very excited to tell you about this opportunity!

America's Supernanny is currently searching for families to be on their show. Could your family benefit from the help of the child/teen expert, Deborah Tillman? She has founded and runs 3 successful daycare centers in Virginia where she has worked with children and teens for many years. Her credentials are outstanding and she wants to help families!

America's Supenanny is coming to Atlanta, Georgia to interview families at the end of this month/beginning of June! Do you have behavioral difficulties with your children? Or do you know someone else who does? They could greatly benefit from this opportunity!

If you are interested or want to recommend a family for the show, please contact Robyn Kiyomi directly at 323.904.4680 or via email at rkiyomi@shedmediaus.com with your name, phone number, city/state, number of children and why you need help.

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 25th, 2012, so don't delay!


Mama Chocolate said...

I know a few people who might benefit from this...but it might be a bit awkward suggesting it to them, LOL! ;-)

Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

Watching these shows makes me grateful for my kids sometimes!

Momma Knows Best said...

How neat that they're coming to Atlanta! Always exciting when something like this happens in Georgia, LOL! And yes... I know a few people who should consider seeking help from America's Supernanny ;).

Mama on a Green Mission said...

Very cool! I cannot wait to see this show! It will be interesting. I am SO thankful for my husband and kids when I see shows like these! :)

Full Time Mama said...

I loved Super Nanny! Hope this one is as good as the last! And like Johanna said, I know a few people who could use this (none in the Atlanta area though). ;)

Robyn Kiyomi said...

Hi Mama Chocolate, you can always make an anonymous recommendation if it's too awkward to approach the family yourself and we'll get in touch with them without ever mentioning your name.

Robyn :-)

Robyn Kiyomi, Casting | America's Supernanny said...

Eco Baby Drama Mama, you're a lucky mama! ;-)

Robyn Kiyomi, Casting said...

Hi Momma Knows Best, send those families my way! :D Deborah Tillman, the Supernanny, is AMAZING at working through these issues with parents & kids.

Robyn :-)

Robyn Kiyomi | America's Supernanny said...

Hi Momma on a Green Mission, the show is a lot of fun to watch and learn from, so enjoy!

Robyn :-)

Robyn Kiyomi | America's Supernanny said...

Hi Full Time Mama, we've got teams traveling around the country, so even if the families aren't in Atlanta, feel free to recommend them to us directly or hand off my contact info and they can get in touch themselves.

Robyn :D

Robyn Kiyomi | America's Supernanny said...

FYI - We had to push our trip to Georgia back just a bit, so you'll have a little more time to submit families for consideration to us. The new deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 30, 2012.

Robyn Kiyomi

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