Valentine’s Gift Guide: LUSH Cosmetics Lots of Love Gift Box Review

Every once and a while, a girl really needs to pamper herself. It feels amazing to relax in a tub full of bubbles, smelling of freshly picked roses. Bubble bars, bath fizzes, perfume and shower smoothies are only a few of the items one can purchase at LUSH Cosmetics. This store has quickly become my favorite store for fresh, homemade, organic products. We received the Lots of Love Gift Box to review and, believe me, I couldn’t wait to try out all of the items.

About LUSH Cosmetics
LUSH Cosmetics believes in making effective products from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Products contain the finest of essential oils and safe synthetics. LUSH is unique in that they make their own products and fragrances by hand, using little or no preservatives or packaging and by using only vegetarian ingredients. No products or ingredients are ever tested on animals.

About LUSH Cosmetics Lots of Love Gift Box
This Valentine's Day, give your beloved a gorgeous cherry-blossomed covered hatbox of love! Nestled inside the Lots of Love Gift Box are seven sensual treats for the bath and shower; everything you need for a romantic night in! They can relax in a tub full of lavender bubbles and rose fizz, while they soap up with sexy jasmine suds and our incredibly softening body conditioner. They'll step out, only to cover themselves in chocolate and honey (courtesy of the Soft Coeur massage bar and your hands) and a spritz of 1000 Kisses Deep perfume.
This beautiful hatbox is reusable! Store your LUSH stash, pictures, love letters or valentines. The box includes: Rose Queen Bath Bomb 3.2 Oz, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb 6.3 Oz., A French Kiss Bubble Bar 3.5 Oz, Soft Coeur massage bar, 1000 Kisses Deep Perfume 0.1 Fl.Oz, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 1.6oz and Lust Soap 3.5 Oz.

My Thoughts
I first stumbled across LUSH Cosmetics when I was searching for some shampoo alternatives and found their shampoo bars with amazing reviews. I couldn’t wait to receive the Lots of Love Hat Box to review. I went to pick up our package and as soon as the clerk handed it to me, I could smell all the delicious goodies inside. The clerk agreed and said he’d been smelling it all day.
frenchkissbubblesWhen we got home, I opened the box and was so excited. The hat box is so pretty and the products inside were even better. The French Kiss Bubble Bar was definitely calling my name, so I knew that was the choice for the evening and something the boys would enjoy as well. Let me just say I was blown away by how many bubbles the bubble bar made. We have a oversized jacuzzi tub and it was absolutely full of bubbles. Not to mention, it smelled delicious. We all smelled of lavender for the next 24 hours.
coermassageThe next item I couldn’t wait to put to the test was the Soft Coeur massage bar, a chocolate and honey heart that melts on contact with the heat of your skin. Okay, it’s a little messy, but I love the concept and it left me smelling like a candy bar. Put down a towel and you are good to go for a massage you will not soon forget.
The LUSH Cosmetics Lots of Love Gift Box is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift that anyone would be excited to receive. It’s filled to the top with items and you can reuse the hat box, too. For only $49.95, you can impress your loved one with this amazing gift.


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