DIY Garden Irrigation System Project For The Family

Yesterday the weather got up into the 70s here, which tells me that Spring will soon arrive and Summer will not be far behind. I am so excited because we love the warm weather and spend a great deal of time outside. Each year I pick some fun projects for us to do outside and am already compiling some ideas. Last year we particularly enjoyed gardening, so this year we are taking it a step further!

One of the main issues we had with gardening was keeping the fruits and vegetables watered. When it's 100 degrees outside, they often dried out during the day. By using PVC Fittings, we will be able to make our own irrigation system to keep our plants happy. All you need to do is measure your garden, purchase some 3/4'' - 11/2'' PVC tubes, slip joints, tees and glue to get started. The amount you purchase really depends on how big you'd like the system to be and how intricate.

I just want to make a basic irrigation system that's pretty much a straight line, so this should be simple! My husband will cut the PVC for me and drill holes about 1 inch apart down the line and attach the water house. It's really that easy! For those who want to build a more intricate irrigation system, it's important to do your homework and make sure you purchase the right kind of piping, including Schedule 80 Fittings, which are often used underground and for irrigation systems because they can withstand water pressure and the presence of metals will not damage them! This means your system will be built to last, which is definitely what you'd want after all the hard work.

I also found that CPVC Fittings are ideal for water supply lines, so this is also a possibility when building our system. It is easy to use and cut, is durable and can withstand harsh water. I had no idea, but this type of piping is now often used to replace metal pipes since it is so durable! This is definitely good to know for future reference, too.

I will keep you informed about our projects for this Spring. I'm sure we'll have many coming up and we'll start planting everything soon, too. This year we'll have strawberries, tomatoes, squash, watermelons and cucumbers. The kids are so excited and so am I!


Full Time Mama said...

Great idea! Wonder if hubs will be willing to do this with our garden this year so we dont have to go out and water it twice a day...? It gets uber hot here in Phoenix, as you know, and he worries about them drying out.
Thanks for sharing!

Mimi B said...

I'll have to tell my sister in law about this. She has a HUGE garden and needs a good watering system! This would totally work for her!!

simplymerry said...

my brother did this for his garden - it worked great!
(mary michaud)

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