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Over the past few years, I've become much more dependent on my computer. I've noticed I use it for just about everything- shopping, work, movies, recipes and more. I've also noticed that it's sometimes hard to organize all of my information. For example, I find a new product, say a book, I really want, but forget to bookmark it. Then I can't remember the name and can't find it again. It's so annoying! 

Lately, I've been finding more recipes online and it's been so much fun trying new dishes with my family. Luckily I now have an awesome place I can store all of my recipes in one place as well as all of the other interesting websites and items I find. It's called Clipix and I love it! 

You can easily sign up for clipix with your Facebook or Twitter account with the push of a button. It's that easy! Then, put the Clip button on your toolbar. Then you can clip webpages, posts, recipes, or anything you find online that interests you just by clicking the button. When you click "Clip", a little box pops up for you to write a little blurb about the item and you can choose which of the Clipboards you would like the clip to go to. Here's the video that tells you all about it...

I'm especially happy to use Clipix for all of my recipes! I love having a place where I can organize them all. I can also share them through Facebook and Twitter with all of my friends and followers. This is great since I always share recipes with my mother-in-law. Once she gets an account, we can link up to each other's clips, too. In addition, there is an iPhone App I am going to install on my phone so I can clip on the go, too! Clipix makes it so easy to organize all the great things I find online and it will be especially helpful when we start planning for our summer vacation. I can clip all the great vacation spots, hotels and then compare with my husband. Below you can see my clipboard I named "Delicious Eats" filled with some great recipes I can't wait to try out. 


Not only can you customize your clipix clipboards, but you can also personalize your account. Do you want your account to be private? You can set it so that only you can see it or so that only your friends can see as well. Or, if you want to share with everyone and find some new friends, you can set it for anyone to view. The possibilities really are endless!

Take a look at Clipix and sign up today. What would you use Clipix for? Recipes? Books? Something else? Leave a comment and let me know!

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