Potty Training Part 2 : Liam's Potty Training Experience

About 2 years ago I posted about my first son's adventures in potty training. Boy, was that quite a ride for all of us and I was not looking forward to the time Liam would be out of diapers... However, the time has arrived and it's time for him to begin using the potty. I'm not so certain he agrees, but it's definitely time!

From our first experience, I learned just how difficult potty training can be, so I'm going to post about our new journey this time. Hopefully it will give us all some extra insight into this foreign concept... and we won't go insane in the process! :)

So, for our first post, how do I know Liam is ready for potty training?
  Here are some top signs that your child is ready to use the potty!

1. Your child shows signs of controlling elimination. They can hold their bladder for longer periods of time and when they do pee, they release a good amount instead of a little at a time.
2. They are aware of when they need to use the bathroom and when they are wet.
3. Knows words to verbalize they need to be changed. (Liam always comes up to me and says he needs a new diaper!)
4. Can follow simple instructions like sitting, getting a toy, etc. They must be able to understand directions so they can learn all the steps to potty training from going to the potty, pulling down pants/undies, sitting, washing hands, etc.
5. Shows interest in others using the potty and wants to sit on the potty, too. (We got Liam a potty for Christmas so he could get used to it and he always sits on it when we are in the bathroom.)

So, is your child ready for potty training? If so, keep an eye out for more posts! Wish us luck. I'm hoping this will go more smoothly than with his big brother, but at least I can say Josiah is potty trained, so that gives me something to go on. :)


Dina said...

great article! following you back from alexa hop!

A Gluten Free Mommy said...

Good luck! I'm potty training a little boy right now too and he is way more stubborn than his sister was.

Chevelle said...

We are starting with our son right now. We've had a potty chair in the bathroom for about 10 months so that he would get used to it (he is 2 1/2) and he didn't feel pressured & that worked to our advantage. We started pull-ups last night & made a big deal out of it with stickers each time he goes in the potty instead of in his pull up & he is using them to decorate his potty chair. I just hope it doesn't take forever since pullups are (sort of) glorified diapers & you get 1/3rd of the amount for the same cost. It's insane! I'm prepared for lots of messes & hope to make it through alive! haha. Thanks for your tips!

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