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Every night after we eat dinner, my husband and I like to settle down in our den and watch television for an hour or two. We changed our cable service tohttp://www.Cabletvadvisor.com/, and we are much happier with our service. When American Idol comes on, that is the show that my husband insists that we watch. If I didn’t know better, I would think that he bats for the other team. He insists that he wants to watch it because he cannot sing. That is probably the lamest excuse I have ever heard. I get so bored watching the early stages of America Idol each season. They have the most weird and terrible singers on there. I am sure it is just to get the ratings up. But anyway, when we were watching the show the other day, I was barely paying attention. When the commercials came on, that is when I started watching. I saw a commercial that was advertising the exact refrigerator that I have been wanting for so long. I had to pause the television and run get my husband out of the kitchen so he could see the refrigerator that I wanted him to buy. I was so excited because they were having a big sale, and it was much cheaper than the prices I had found. Guess where we are going tomorrow?


Ana D said...

I would recommend getting a long warranty. Our friend has gone through 3 high rated fridges. They clunk out right after the warranty has expired.

Erika said...

I wish my family would have gotten the refrigerator with the larger shelves that open with 2 doors and the freezer drawer on the bottom. We didn't and now we have no fridge or freezer space.

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