Traveling Tips For Your All Inclusive Holiday

Summer is here and for many of us, summer is the season for holidays and traveling! Our family takes full advantage of the beautiful weather and days off of school. However, traveling with kids can be very stressful and I know in the past we've come home even more exhausted than when we left. That defeats the purpose of even going, so here are some great tips for traveling as a family this summer!

1. Plan Ahead of Time - Where are some of the places you would love to go during your holiday? Make a list, discuss as a family and do your research. Find the place that looks the best for families.

2. Find great deals on vacations - Search for great deals on traveling during the time you wish to vacation. Finding cheap all inclusive holidays is the best way to travel and save money. When you are on a budget, this is definitely the way to go and with all-inclusive resorts, most everything is included in the price (hotel stay, food, etc.)!

3. Pack Essentials Only - It's so easy to over-pack as a family, but this means hauling too many bags through the airport. Make a list of the essentials (baby bottles, diapers, etc.) before packing. This way you don't forget anything and can stop yourself from packing things that aren't as important. Don't forget sunscreen and swimsuits!

4. Don't Plan Too Many Activities During Vacation - I know you want to make the most out of your holiday, but don't plan too much. This is how you get stressed out and exhausted. Plan a few things, but still take time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Plus, at all inclusive resorts, there is always time to plan more things at a later time.

5. Have A Date Night - All inclusive resorts often have children's activities, camps and even babysitters. Take advantage of these services and take a night as a couple. Your children will have a great time with the other kids and you can have some fun, quiet time with your love.

The most important part of taking a vacation is to have fun! Relax, don't get overwhelmed and enjoy every second. If you get stressed, take some time to yourself, breathe and remember to take it easy. We are leaving for vacation in July and I'm already planning ahead. It's the vacation we look forward to all year, so we want to be prepared and ready to go.

Where you are going this summer? Leave a comment telling me how you plan for vacations each year!


Maureen said...

Oh man, I sure could use a vacation right about now!


Elena said...

Thank you for the tips! I would love to go on vacation right now!

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