Applegate Farms Delicious Organic Hot Dogs & Summer Grilling Tips

Summer is the time of year when much of our time is spent outdoors enjoying the nice weather. It's also the perfect time of year for grilling out! As soon as the weather starts feeling warmer, my husband runs out to the store to buy a propane tank and can't wait to start grilling everything. Believe me, the grilling has already begun and won't stop until it is snowing this winter!

I don't know about your kids, but mine always want to grill out hot dogs! I can't say I blame them. It's a timeless classic summer-time meal that always pleases the palate. However, many meats, especially hot dogs, contain a variety of unhealthy ingredients, not to mention giving the animals hormones and antibiotics.  As a family, we take great care to watch the types of foods we eat and prefer foods that do not contain nitrates and hormones. When I found out what was in the average hot dog, I was appalled and disgusted, but we found a delicious and nutritious alternative!
Here in the Atlanta area we have Applegate Farms, which provide us with delicious organic and natural meats. Applegate makes sure their animals are never given antibiotics, hormones or artificial growth promotants. In addition, they treat their animals and land with respect, which is also very important to me as an animal rights activist. Be sure to check out Applegate hot dogs since they are now available in the Atlanta, Georgia area! Click HERE to "Like" Applegate Farms on Facebook and click "Product Locator" to find a store near you. Or click the Like button below:

In honor of Applegate's delicious hot dog launch in Atlanta, we want to share some healthy and delicious grilling ideas with you to try! There are some easy ways to make a great dinner without spending hours marinating and preparing.
 Here are some of our favorite ideas for delicious summer grilling
 (recipes included):
1. Reusable Cedar Planks - You can grill most anything on cedar planks, but my husband especially loves grilling salmon. It gives a distinct smokey flavor that other ways of cooking do not. Make sure the planks do not contain any chemicals before purchasing. Then, soak in water for at least 1-2 hours so they don't burn on the grill.

  • Cedar Plank Lemon Dill Salmon Recipe (my husband's signature dish)
After you have prepared the cedar planks, put your salmon filets on the cedar planks for grilling. Throughout the grilling process use fresh lemon juice to marinate as well as dill. You can use as much or as little as you would like for your tastes! It's so simple, but tastes absolutely wonderful. I don't even like fish, but the lemon takes out the "fishy" flavor, the planks give a smokey taste and the grill makes the salmon melt-in-your mouth deliciousness! 

2. Grilling Wok - Instead of aluminum foil, which I believe is not healthy for us, we use a grilling wok. Just about anything you would grill in the foil can be grilled on the wok. In fact, I think veggies taste even better in the wok.

  • Potatoes & Onions Side Dish (one of my favorites)
This is yet another easy dish to grill and goes perfectly with Applegate hot dogs. Peal and cube the 4-5 medium potatoes. Throw them into the wok. Then, slice up a Vidalia onion and add to the wok, too. We then add about 1 Tablespoon of butter or Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with a little salt and a bit of pepper to taste. Then cover and stir occasionally so they don't stick and burn.

3. Go to the grill - Many times you don't even need any other materials to cook items! Just lay them straight on the grill for a delicious meal. Steaks, hot dogs, sweet corn on the cob and more! I'm getting hungry just writing about them.

  • Sweet Corn On The Cob
This is also a simple and delicious side dish. Just throw on the grill when cooking hot dogs and turn often to cook evenly. It doesn't take long to cook and tastes delicious. Just add some butter and sea salt. It will melt in your mouth!

Now that you've read some of our favorite grilling tips and recipes, leave a comment below telling me one of your own tips! Also, be sure to check out my "Summer Grilling" Pinterest Board for more great grilling ideas for the family. 

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