Banana Boat 101 Days of Summer Play House Party & Giveaway #BananaBoat

 We all know what the summer weather brings! We come out of hibernation and leave the indoors for the nice outdoor weather. Many of us travel to the beach, go on cruises and stay in the sun, which means it's very important to keep your Banana Boat sunscreen nearby. Our family makes it a point to spend time outdoors whenever possible and Banana Boat wants to encourage other parents to do the same by taking their 101 Days of Summer Play Pledge! Thanks to Banana Boat, we were sent a huge package of goodies to share at a house party to keep the entire family safe and ready to play outdoors. For each pledge, a donation of one bottle of new Banana Boat® Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion will go to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a nonprofit, residential summer camp and year-round center serving children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses, so please take the time to take the pledge today!

 I received an awesome beach bag with a Banana Boat t-shirt, cup, hat, and a smaller bag that my son promptly claimed as his own!

My son's 5th birthday party was last week and I knew we'd have just about 10 adults present, so I thought what better time to hand out goody bags? Josiah helped me prepare all the goodies for parents along with the gift bags for the kids. He had an Angry Birds party, so the kids got Angry Bird bags while the parents received Banana Boat products and themed items.

The day was beautiful and sunny, a great day to be outdoors. We bought a new water park pool for the party and also set up the trampoline and bounce house! The kids were ready to go, but we handed out the gift bags first. The parents were so excited to receive the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen and immediately put some on the kids before heading outdoors.
The birthday boy with his Banana Boat sunscreen on, ready to go outdoors!

What did the gift bags include? The Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen, a 101 Days of Summer Play Activity Booklet, coupons and a frisbee! Everything needed for fun in the sun! If you'd like to I think the mamas were even more excited to receive a gift bag than the kids because it was totally unexpected. Plus, they received items they would definitely use during these hot, sunny summer months! Be sure to "Like" Banana Boat on Facebook to read/print out the 101 Days of Summer Play Activity Booklet full of fun summer activities for the entire family. More importantly, take the 101 Days of Summer Pledge! This pledge says you will encourage your kids to spend time outdoors every day this summer. We took the pledge and you should, too!

Here's a little about the Banana Boat Natural Reflect, Banana Boat's new line of wonderful sunscreen:
•  100% naturally sourced mineral sunscreen active with Zinc Oxide and Titanium
•  Oxybenzone free
•  Paraben free!
•  Gentle on sensitive and delicate skin
•  Proven effective against sunburn and to help prevent!long-term skin damage
•  Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
•  Water resistant
•  Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation
Josiah with some of his guests throwing rings and the frisbee into the pool!
Little brother on the go, too!
We had such a great time outdoors and Josiah loved his 5th birthday party! Thanks to Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen, we were safe and no one got sunburned. There are many ways to enjoy time outdoors, to get kids active and away from the tv. Luckily we don't have to try very hard with our kids so far, but, if you need some help, here are5 fun activities for this summer.

1. Water Balloons - All kids love balloons and water-filled balloons are even better! It's a great way to get exercise and to keep cool, too.
2. Swimming pool, water slide, etc.- This year we bought the little island pool in the picture above. For bigger kids, they may like a bigger pool.
3. Bike riding - we live in the mountains, so many of the kids here love to mountain bike! It's great fun and amazing exercise. We went mountain biking in Jamaica and it was the best exercise ever... and beautiful!
4. Go tubing - Here in the mountains, many people go kayaking, but if you don't have one, you go tubing in the rivers. It's so fun to float down the river as a family, enjoying the beautiful scenery, sun, and still staying cool in the water. The entire family can enjoy this activity.
5. Go to the park- You may have a playground in your backyard, but something is always more exciting about the park. My kids never give up an opportunity to go to the park. We walk along the trails, play on the sides, swings, and even play in the creek.

Just don't forget your Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen, of course! I carry sunscreen in my purse and diaper bag just to have it handy. You can even get burned in the winter, so it is definitely best to be prepared when outdoors. So, have a wonderful summer, everyone, and make this one extra fun.


To help you prepare for summer fun, Banana Boat is giving away a Banana Boat Fun Kit to one lucky CTM Reader, which will include Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen for the entire family, a frisbee and coupons! Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!
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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Banana Boat® Sun Care and received a party kit to facilitate my review, party kits to give to my guests, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


AmyBeth said...

Our children spend lots of time outdoors playing with our dogs & goat & helping care for our chickens...if they are hesitant to go outside we ask them to go look for chicken eggs!

Anonymous said...

My children are grown, but they spent the better part of the day outside. Now I encourage my grandchildren to play outside. Given a little time they can always find something to do.

mamawj said...

I watch my grandson everyday & we love going outdoors to play on the water slide, zipline & and ride bikes, thanks

Light474 said...

We have tricycles outside as well as my daughter likes to play with side walk chalk, bubbles, look at the mini garden and help feed the birds when she's not swimming in her kiddie pool when weather permits.

one frugal lady said...

My kids don't have a choice! I am always outdoors and they have to join! We swim, ride bicycles, love all sports- there is always something to do outside!

Audra Weathers said...

My daughter likes to get outside and help in the garden. She also loves playing in her sand/water table.

mummytotwoboys said...

I encourage them by playing outside with them as much as possible :)

scody said...

We love the water.. pools, lakes, boats, beaches, streams, they are the happiest there!

sohamolina said...

we go to the pool with friends.

Marysa said...

When the weather's good, I always have the kids outside! We have a water table, lots of toys for digging on the gravel patio, but we also go for walks, bike rides, or the kids ride in a bike stroller :)
marysa (at) Marysa (dot) com

mframe said...

We go to the pool almost every day. We also play baseball outside.

Kathy said...

My kids are on sports teams...baseball, football,etc.

jill24295 said...

I don't need to encourage them - they LOVE going outside!

jill24295 said...

I like the Envy Push Up ® Halter & Scoop
Lavender Voda Swimsuit.

Chevelle said...

I don't even need to encourage my son. He would go outside in a blizzard if you would let him! The boy LOVES to play outside & now that it's summer... WATCH OUT! And of course, we always have/need LOTS of sunscreen on hand. I keep extra in the car & in our diaper bag, so I'm never caught without it. My husband has had 2 surgeries in the last 2 months from skin cancer on his leg. Growing up in Southern California has some prices to pay! My mother in law has had 2 surgeries for the same thing, as well. SO we SLATHER the heck out of our 3yr old!!


Chevelle said...

I like the Envy Push Up ® Shirred Tankini & Adjustable Scoop - Midnight, from Voda!


angeljenn said...

Envy Hoop Halter & Hoop Scoop

debijackson said...

we play outside as a family debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

We all play outside as a family. We go swimming, walking, exploring and just have a great time.

RJ said...

We have fun things to do outside, like riding cars, scooters, small swimming pool and lots of running room.

Love the fun ideas from your great article!!


Anonymous said...

I like the Envy Push Up ® Shirred Tankini & Adjustable Scoop in coral.

Katie Short said...

I got them new bikes for Easter. Now they ride to my mom's to swim and play in her big yard. They have opportunities to go to the park, use the trampoline, and play with the kids in the neighborhood.

Diane Zielinski said...

My kids love going outside, even if it's just to run around in the grass.

Pam2424 said...

I get them to play outside by going out with them and playing, too. Besides, it's fun to be a kid.


Pam2424 said...

I like the Aqua Envy Push Up Halter Top and Aqua Bottom.

Carolyn Colley said...

I don't have that problem, my grandchildren would stay outside all day, they love playing outside. We have always played a lot with them outside.

Christine Jessamine said...

i dont have to do alot, my kids love being outside doing things

christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

Keely said...

We are always outside in the pool or running around playing baseball or soccer. We limit media time with the kids so outside activities are their options.

DistractedMommy said...

My kids love being outside...especially in the pool or sprimkler!

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