Organize Your Summer Photos & Send e-Photo Books Via Pholium, A New iPad App!

Summer is nearing and we all know the nice weather brings around many fun events! We just celebrated my son's 5th birthday and our family is now planning our 4th of July vacation! Others may be planning a wedding or even a family reunion! Regardless of the event, one thing is for certain: there will be many pictures taken over the next few months. I think I took about 100 just during my son's birthday party. 

When you take pictures, where do you usually store them? I sometimes place them on Facebook, but they otherwise sit in in a file on my computer. Now there is a creative way to take those pictures and make something to share with others with Pholium. This amazing digital photo book iPad app allows you to make photo books and send them to others as well as receive photo books from friends and family. It's such a unique idea and a great way to share those memorable photos.

Thanks to Pholium for providing us with 5 great tips to help us all create a beautiful photo book for family members that will last a lifetime!

1. Think, but don't over think - Don't worry about the actual photo book until after the photos are taken. You want to tell a story about an event or possibly a vacation, but do so naturally without over thinking it! While taking photos just be in the moment and enjoy every single minute of it... and make sure you have plenty of batteries and memory space! Once you have already captured the moments via pictures, there is no need to provide too much detail. Let the recipient enjoy the book via photos.

2. Capture the memories - Snap those pictures! You want a variety of content to include in your photo book, so if it looks like a great photo opp, go for it! If you think there will be a chance to take photos somewhere, go ahead and pack your camera. Long gone are the days of paying for film to be processed. You can take as many pictures as you like, delete the ones that didn't turn out great and keep the ones that are perfect!

3. Represent and be present - There may be specific photos you know you want to take at an event or on vacation, but be sure to take other photos in between. Just last weekend at my son's party my husband and I took turns with the camera, snapping pictures of our guests having fun and the grandchildren playing with Grandma. The candid pictures turned out amazing and are some of the best we took! Take pictures of the scenery, but always take time to get some pictures of people. These are always the most special and memorable.

4. Don't edit or delete those photos (yet!) - Yes, we all want a "perfect" picture, but don't over analyze when snapping photos, just do it! Even if eyes are closed, someone is making a silly face or not paying attention, it's okay. Those can sometimes make for the best and funniest photo stories. My son always makes faces at the camera and I used to get mad, but now I save them as a progression of his many silly faces. Just capture the moments as you go and edit/delete later!
One of the cutest pictures we took. It is unedited and may need work, but it will be perfect for a photo book!

5. Organize and create the book the way you want it - Now that you have taken some beautiful and amazing pictures, let the story come together in your photo book. Before uploading all of the photos, which can be time consuming, think about the story you want to tell and how you want to displayed. For example, do you want it in chronological order like a progression of the year or vacation or do you want the story to be a theme? We have made photo books of each year as well as just cute theme of the boys playing together. It's important to think out the book before sifting through photos because it can sometimes become daunting and stressful. Making the photo book should be fun and easy, so don't do unnecessary work. You can even sort the albums via date, event name, location, etc. to make it easy to sift through photos when making your own one-of-a-kind photo book!

Putting photos together in a photo book can not only take some time, but is usually expensive, too. Apps like Pholium allow you to create high-quality digital photo books that are easily customized on the iPad and sent to others! Try something different this summer by getting Pholium and making photo books for your loved ones. They will appreciate the great gift and the books are always fun to look back at and remember the great times you experienced with friends and family. 

What events and vacations do you have going on this summer? Be sure to take lots of photos and give Pholium a try when organizing and making a photo book. Let us know what you think. We just know you will love this new App like we do! Be sure to "Like" Pholium on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news!


Danielle Harper said...

I am a picture taking addict.... in fact it drives my hubby crazy so this would be the perfect thing for me! Thanks for sharing.

Mama on a Green Mission said...

I always end up with photos everywhere on my computer too! What a great idea this is!! I'll definitely be looking for this! Thanks for sharing!

Mama Chocolate said...

This sounds cool! I'm going to bookmark this with my other stuff "for when I get my iPad" :-)
(It IS going to happen someday)

brett said...

i love this- now that i finally HAVE my ipad!! i'm going to check it out tonight when i can hang and relax with it :o)

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiners Book Blog) said...

This sounds cool

Sarah said...

Thanks! I need to make a book for our last vacation.

carrie said...

I get so overwhelmed thinking about organizing pictures! Thanks for the tips!

PJ said...

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