Nickelodeon Floam & Gak Gooey, Sticky, Creative Fun Review

Remember the days of getting slimed on Nickelodeon when we were kids? I wanted to be on tv and get slimed so badly! Now you can play with Nickelodeon's Gak, which is a gooey, slime that stretches, bounces, makes bubbles and noises. In addition, Floam is back and better than ever. Use your creativity to make sculptures with this unique reusable molding compound. We had the opportunity to review both and boy was Josiah excited!

Let's start with the Gak because this one is my favorite. Josiah thought the "pffft" noises the Gak made were hilarious. I loved that even though it was gooey, it still stayed together and didn't make a mess. Josiah didn't believe it would bounce... until he threw it at my laptop screen and it flew across the room! As for mess-making, it is minimal. I didn't notice, but Josiah dropped some on the living room. A day later it was dried and hard, but I just sprayed with some cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes and it wiped right up.
A goop of Gak!
Floam was honestly something I'd never heard of before. From the packaging I couldn't tell exactly what was in store, so when I finally got to play with it, the consistency was so strange feeling! I'm used to dough and soft, smooth molding compounds, but this one has texture in the form of little beads. Josiah said it "feels so cool" and yes, it does. Plus, the beads give your models a texture that makes them stand out and interesting.
See the texture just by pushing shapes into the Floam? Pretty cool!
Josiah ended up playing with the Floam for about an hour. I have to say it made a little bit of a mess when it got on his clothes accidentally because it stuck instead of coming off. On hands it reminds of me a little snail trail of slime, just a trace of it left behind after playing, which easily comes off with soap and water. The best place to play with Floam is on a mat on the floor, outdoors or at the table.

Since we didn't get any snow this winter (boohoo!), Josiah made a snowman with his Floam:
and a snowball:
As you can tell, he definitely approved of the Floam and Gak! Be sure to like Gak on Facebook and Floam on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news, contests and more!

Thanks to Child's Play Communications for providing these products for review purposes. All opinions written are completely honest and my own.


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Looks like fun!


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This makes me want to play with Floam right now!

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Looks like fun! Thank you for the review!


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