Learning More About Diabetes & How To Cope During The Hot Summer Months

Several of my relatives on my mother's side have Type 2 Diabetes, so I've come to learn quite a bit about it over the years. I have been tested twice and went through extensive testing for gestational diabetes when pregnant with my first son. Diabetes is characterized by high blood glucose levels resulting from the inability of the body to produce and/or use insulin. It's important to not only recognize the signs of diabetes, but to also treat them before they get worse. Some of the signs of Type 2 Diabetes include cuts/bruises that are slow to heal, frequent infections, blurred visions and any of the signs associated with Type 1 Diabetes. It's important to learn about diabetes if it runs in your family or if you are diagnosed with it!

I've spoken with my uncle at length about diabetes and how he copes. His response is that it's sometimes difficult, especially when others around cannot relate to your change in lifestyle. His entire life has changed, which is why he is in a few online support groups and forums, such as diabeticconnect.com, and says they they are so helpful not only with learning about the disease, but also coping with it. He says it is nice to meet others who have similar experiences, are also interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, and who want to cope! Plus, he has learned about other medications, found great recipes for those with diabetes and enjoys watching videos about diabetes. There is so much information available on Diabetic Connect that just by looking at it once, I had learned more than I'd ever known about diabetes. You should take a look!

During the summer months everyone must take care, but diabetics must especially take care of themselves. There are many ways to cope with diabetes during the extremely hot weather! We have hit highs of 109 degrees already this summer, so please read the tips below. 
Tips for coping with diabetes during hot summer months!

1. Stay hydrated! Drink extra fluids during these months. Some forms of diabetes can cause dehydration, so during the summer it is very important to stay hydrated and drink more water and fluids. (If your doctor limits your fluid intake, be sure to ask how much you should drink.)

2. Keep medications in cool areas. Extreme heat can effect the efficacy of diabetes medications and supplies, including oral medications, insulin, glucose strips and more.

3. Limit the amount of time spent outdoors if possible. Try to spend more time outdoors in the morning and later at night when the weather is cooler instead of midday when temperatures are at their highest. You are more at risk for heat-stroke and dehydration.

Do you have diabetes? Or does someone you know? Leave us a tip in the comments letting us know how you cope with diabetes and any suggestions you have for others struggling with this disease!


fancygrlnancy said...

My grandmother has diabetes, but I don't really know much about it. Thanks for the great information and tips.

Trista said...

I understand I lost a uncle 14 months ago to diabetes. I am worried that I will get it but so far I have been lucky. I am not sure what I would do if I couldn't eat what I wanted but I am sure i'd probably be healthier.

Jenilee said...

My husband has low blood sugar. He has to be really careful to make sure it doesn't go too low or else he ends up having seizures. :( Definitely good tips (for everyone really).

Tammy said...

I have relatives that do. It's tough for them to manage.

Vanessa Coker said...

Diabetes runs in my family :( my grandma passed from it at a relatively young age. So I try to watch out and take care of myself in order to avoid it.

Elena said...

Good tips! Thanks for sharing. My little nephew has diabetes

Unknown said...

My cousin has had diabetes since she was 6 and she's now off to college! I worry about her being totally on her own to manage her disease.

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