Studying MathematicsCan Be Challenging and Fun!

I always enjoyed going to school and was in upper-level classes from k-12 grades. My favorite subjects were English and music, but when it came to Mathematics, particularly Geometry and Algebra, I struggled greatly. I studied endlessly, but just couldn't grasp the concepts needed to be successful. I knew that I could not pass my classes without tutoring.

Thankfully, my parents and I realized the need for help and we immediately took action. We found online math curriculum help that met my needs, too. By following the instructions and playing games, I was able to figure out how to solve equations and was even able to memorize theorems. Algebra actually became my favorite subject and still, over 10 years later, I can recall everything I learned. I'm so thankful for the tutoring and online program for not only helping me, but making math fun. I honestly felt like a light came on in my mind and everything became clear. From that point forward I loved solving equations and still do!

From my own experience I learned that studying and finding an online program that works is definitely essential to success. Now that my oldest son is about to start kindergarten, we have already begun studying addition and subtraction. It's a little confusing to him and I know his attention span is still short. That's why I found some games online to help. I've noticed that when mathematics is applied via games, he is able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Plus, it is fun for him, so he doesn't really think of the time spent as studying! It's the perfect way to get him some extra practice so he is prepared for his classes come August.

How do you prep your children for math classes? Be sure to make math fun for them. Who knows, you may find it interesting and fun, too. After I graduated high school, I went on to the University of Georgia where I took several math classes and science classes that involved formulas. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and was successful in my math classes because of the intervention I received years earlier. Now my son says he wants to be a Georgia Bulldog, too, so I keep telling him to study hard and he will be a Dawg one day!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the link about parents help for mathematics

stefanie gladden said...

thanks for the info! I think it's a great idea to apply mathematics to games

Elena said...

My son loves math! He will certainly love the math games too!

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