The Importance Of Building A Food Storage For Your Family

My son's school had a great last-day send-off party a few weeks ago and I had a chance to talk to one of the parents. She mentioned something I had never thought about before, long-term food storage. Let me back up a minute, before we moved to the mountains, we never even thought about food storage, but now we have to take into consideration a variety of situations and prepare for them, especially because we have children. I knew little to nothing about food storage, but started doing a little research and I wanted to share with you some great reasons why we should build food storage and how it is beneficial to our families.

1. Health Benefits
Many types of healthy foods can be stored for a long period of time, including grains and legumes! When you find the best freeze dried food, you can find a variety of delicious, healthy meals for the family. Plus, if anyone in the family has food allergies or other medical concerns, it's always good to have food available that they can eat just in case!

2. Emergency Occurance
Things happen and it's definitely best to be prepared. For example, here in the mountains, we have to be careful during the winter season. During a snowstorm or blizzard, we could easily get trapped at our cabin for days or weeks! Keeping food for long term storage is a MUST to have at our home because we would otherwise not have enough food to last longer than a week. In other areas, you may be more prone to flooding, hurricanes or tornadoes. Either way, it's best to have food stored and ready just in case.

Those are definitely the two most important reasons I think food storage is so important for families to consider.You can also throw in the fact that you can save money, which is also very important for families on a budget! I never want to be in a position where I cannot provide for my children and building a food storage will ensure this does not happen.

Do you have a food storage? If not, you should really consider doing so for the reasons above.


Danielle Harper said...

We don't have a food storage.... well besides the deep freezer that is completely stocked, but if the electric went out that would be a problem. Thanks for sharing why it's important to have one!

Amy said...

i dont really have a food storage... looking through my cupboards...im realizing they are slightly bare... hmmmm... maybe i should really look into it....thanks for the post

Six in the Nest said...

We don't really have anything specific for long term food storage. I guess maybe we should look into it.

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

I don't have a food storage either, I guess I never even thought about it. It definitely sounds like a good idea to do!

Thanks for the post!

brett said...

we have water storage. we're on a well here- no power, no water. but you are right, food storage is important!

Elena said...

I have a small food storage with some canned food, rice and pasta

Alyssa Staheli said...

I have always had food storage, but I never really used it until earlier this year. I had to buy a car, which totally wiped out my grocery fund. At one point, I had $8 for 2 weeks of food! I used for the essentials, like eggs, milk and butter. Thankfully I had my food storage! However I learned the hard way that all I had stored were noodles: hamburger helper, ramen, and mac 'n cheese. I couldn't wait to get back on my feet again and have some fresh fruit! I've learned my lesson though, and now I have a greater variety in my food storage.

akronugurl said...

I don't have a food storage but i might start doing it


Dara Shirey said...

I am greatful for having food storage. Our family has had to live off of it several times over the years. Once when the plant my husband worked in shut down. We went from a six figure income to a 4 figure income, quite a shock, but because of the year supply of food we did'nt feel it. When you can eat every other deprivation is do-able.

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