A Blinding Way to Solve a Post Birth Argument

When you’re looking to decorate your first nursery, each detail is carefully considered, from the colour of the room right through to choosing what teddy bears look best in the cot. Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting and stressful activities for expecting parents. A lot of decisions need to be made, and this can prove to be a tough task. We have all heard the stories from friends and loved ones of arguments breaking out about the most arbitrary of things. None more so than what curtains to hang or roman blinds to choose. Here are some helpful tips that can help you avoid these arguments when it comes to choosing roman blinds.

Its important weather a boy or girl the blinds matches the rest of the nursery’s d├ęcor. Roman blinds can offer a simple, clean smartness suitable for any nursery. It’s documented, that more than half of expecting parents know the gender of their child before birth. This makes it easy for half of the parents out there, but for the other half I recommend to go for a safe and soothing colour. Pastel colours are a wise choice and help create a peaceful atmosphere that will help the baby get all the sleep he or she desires. Blackout Roman blinds are a good choice to provide a night time setting and ensure the baby sleeps peacefully. For the other half of parents who are aware of their babies’ gender, here are some helpful tips to remember.
Tips for girls blinds;

  • A flowing style of blind adds a touch of nostalgia and femininity.
  • Lighter fabrics will allow natural light to enter the room even when the blinds are partially or fully drawn. Making it easy for air to circulate throughout the room and ensure the baby isn’t too hot.
  • A Lace or fringe trim can add a romanticizing feel to the room.

Tips for boys blinds;

  • Printed themed blinds are the norm, ranging from super heroes to sport themed designs.
  • Fabrics constructed from fauxwood, honeycomb or bamboo are perfectly suited. Robust and easy to maintain, cost effective and adds a rugged feel to any boys room. 
  • Selecting darker tones adds a sense of masculinity that every young boy looks for.
I hope the following advice saves you time and effort when making those last ditch decisions, and saves you from one of those unwanted post birth arguments. Remember, when choosing your blinds, it’s important to choose for the child and not yourself. With a variety of styles, colours and materials available it’s easy to get it wrong, I hope these tips provide information that will help you on designing your nursery.


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i love the lacy blinds but we just went with regular blinds.. borrring..

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