Can You Hear Me Mum?

Post Written By Hayley Berlin
In order to get your baby into good sleeping habits, it's good to get to understand what makes your baby tick and what his/her needs are.  Sometimes though you may feel that you need extra support to help get your baby to sleep, in this case you can always seek help from your health visitor or online services such as Greatvine.

When all is said and done, healthy babies are not all that complex and they are made up of feeds, burps, cuddles and sleep, (hopefully good sleeps).

This is not to forget the dreaded cry. We, as parents, are at all costs hell bent on preventing the dreaded cry. I wonder why that is, when in actual fact, at this very young stage, it's baby's, only means of communication.
Let's face it. There is nothing more stressful tiring or annoying than an incessant baby cry.
So why do they cry??
Babies generally do not cry for no reason at all.

When babies are hungry.........THEY CRY!
When babies are tired or overtired.   ..........THEY CRY
When they have a soiled nappy ....THEY CRY!
When babies are in pain, with trapped wind or reflux.......THEY CRY!

Once you start listening to and instead of dreading the cry, you will soon learn certain patterns of communication for certain needs and be able to act accordingly.
Babies all have the same sound reflexes, so no matter what race, language or colour they all speak the same universal language.

Once you have some sort of idea what baby is saying to you and you act according to each individual cry, then the box ticking becomes a whole lot easier and you will soon put your baby into a flexible routine that will not be strict but manageable.

In order to get baby sleeping successfully you need to really study and listen to your baby. For first time mums this can be difficult, but the more you listen the easier it will become.

Respect their language.
Learn their feed patterns.
Respect their quiet time and sleep time.
Be consistent and try to be calm.

Australian born mum Priscilla Dunstan who was born with a photographic memory for sound explained after using her gift on her own baby boys cries and listened to him, that other babies, out and about spoke the same language, she goes as far as saying that they speak actual words for certain needs.

I do not have this photographic memory for sound, but working with hundreds of babies has helped me to come to realise that babies do talk to you and speak the same language!

Hayley Berlin is a Baby Sleep Consultant on Expert Advice service Greatvine.com. Find out about Hayley at www.greatvine.com/hayley-berlin


Maureen said...

I totally think that this has some validity to it. I saw it on Oprah and I definitely think that it is true!


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