Gotta Have That Morning Cup of Joe? Gevalia Can Help You Out!

Pre-children, I drank coffee just to perk me up in the morning before getting to work. I strolled into the coffee shop for a bagel and hot cup of joe each day and sipped leisurely. However, now I rely on that coffee! Three kids and a cat with meowing kittens will do that to you. How many of you can relate? lol! We have worked with Gevalia several times in the post for Twitter parties and giveaways, so I wanted to tell you about a great offer going on right now.

Enjoy the complete Gevalia experience when you choose convenient Auto Delivery and receive:
  • Your choice of any 4 boxes of delicious coffee or tea
  • FREE Stainless Steel 12-Cup Coffeemaker
  • FREE Shipping!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Gevalia coffee has a new sale going on that gives you 4 choices of coffee completely for $9.99 AND they are throwing in a FREE Coffeemaker and FREE Shipping, too! Their coffeemakers are absolutely amazing, by the way! We have one and use it daily. Their cofee is delicious, too, so you really can't lose on this. You just have to pay $9.99 and sign up for their auto-delivery service. Nothing is binding! So, if you get your coffee and change your mind, just cancel the auto-delivery service and you still get to keep your original order. It's such a great deal that it's hard to resist!

I've purchased our Tassimo T-Cups from Gevalia for years, but now I am thinking I may just have to try this offer!


Elena said...

Sounds like a good deal!

Sarah said...

This sounds like a great idea for the coffee lovers!

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