Sparklin’ Kindle Giveaway Announcement (Begins at Midnight Tonight!)

Hi, everyone! I'll be picking all of the winners for the Summer Block Party today and posting them later tonight, so be sure to check back! I know it's been a little slow around here this week, but that will all change this tonight because the Sparklin' Kindle Giveaway begins at midnight!

What's the Sparklin' Kindle Giveaway? I am participating with 13 other bloggers to give y'all a chance to win your very own Kindle worth $139! You can fill out all the entries on my blog and then hop over to the next. Fill out as many of the entries as you like to increase your chances! Each blog has 4 entries, so you won't be spending an entire day on it. LOL!

We are using Rafflecopter for this, so we are hoping it goes well. If you notice any issues at all, let me know and I'll try to fix them asap. I will be out of town next week.. and without an internet connection (gasp!), so responses will be a bit slower than usual since I'll have to go to a cafe' to check email!
Good luck with the giveaway!


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