Great Deals On CoverGirl Products At Your Local Kroger: What &30 Can Buy!

Thank you to Kroger and CoverGirl for sponsoring this review. While CoverGirl provided me with a $30 gift card to purchase CoverGirl products at Kroger stores, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own, represent my honest viewpoint, and not that of CoverGirl, Kroger, or Proctor & Gamble. I am making no claims about the products, just expressing my thoughtful opinion. Clever Girls Collective supports Blog With Integrity
I love shopping at Kroger because they have such amazing deals going on each week. I am a very loyal Kroger shopper, which is why I was so very excited to be chosen for this campaign. Although I shop there every week, I don't spend much time on the make-up aisle. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I thought the prices would be higher than at a drugstore or they wouldn't have a very good selection. Who knows, but, when given a $30 gift card to shop for CoverGirl products, I couldn't wait to score some new make-up! I've used CoverGirl cosmetics since I was in middle school, so I love them and use them often.
I was very surprised at the great deals and left the store with a great selection of make-up to try out. I spent just over $30 and here's what I got:

CoverGirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm SPF 15 ($5.99) - This is a New product from CoverGirl, which is why I really wanted to try it. I chose the Clove color (280) and it's perfect for my complexion. Fortified with mango and shea butter, it really keeps my lips feeling moist and soft! Plus, the balm is very light-weight and sheer, giving a natural shine to your lips.
CoverGirl Cheekers Bronzer ($3.35) - Since I'm going to the beach soon and am pale as a ghost, I thought a nice bronzer would give my skin that sun-kissed look I love so much. Unlike other bronzers I've tried that make your skin look orange, CoverGirl Cheekers is makes the tan look very natural and blends very well. Plus, this little bronzer is very compact, so it can easily fit in your purse or clutch.

CoverGirl Classic Color Blush ($4.55) - I chose Soft Mink (590) as my blush color because I thought it would work well with my skin tone and it matched perfectly. I love the Classic Color Blush because you really get your money's worth. This blush lasts forever and it includes a mirror for on-the-go usage.

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeshadow ($6.39) - I was most excited about trying this eyeshadow because each pallet of colors is expertly designed to really bring out and highlight your eye color. My eyes are Hazel, so I choose the Majestic Hazels (715) Pallet. The set includes 4 different colors to apply and a brush, along with instructions on how to achieve the bright-eye look! I love, love this product! It really works and the colors are great when combined. The colors are more for the fall season, I think, and I can't wait to put my whole new fall look together.

CoverGirl SmokyShadowBlast ($6.39) - This eyeshadow contains two different creme colors to help you easily achieve the smoky eye look I love so much. I chose Tempest Blue (825), which has both a light shade and dark shade of blue. I followed the directions and it looked perfect for a night on the town! I'd never used creme eyeshadow before, but loved how easily it went on and mixed with the other color.

CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara ($4.24) - I'd never tried this Mascara before, but it was the cheapest mascara by CoverGirl and I have thin eyelashes, so I figured it was worth a try. Sure enough, it worked perfectly to give me length and made my lashes look fuller. I used my lash curler to make them nice and rounded. I purchased the Black Brown (310) color, which goes very well with the CG Exact Eyelights eyeshadow colors!

Total = $30.91

Can you believe I got all of that for just over $30? Just imagine how much more I could have saved with coupons. Combined with the $5/2 CG Natureluxe products in a recent newspaper, I could have gotten another lip gloss for $.99! With this coupon was another $1 off any CG product, too!

As you can tell, Kroger has some amazing values on their CoverGirl cosmetics. Leave a comment below telling me some of the great deals you've gotten at Kroger!


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