Breakfast biscuits from scratch

Guest post written by Anna Howell

Maybe it's just because I'm southern, but my favorite kind of snack is homemade biscuits with some homemade preserves. They're just so fantastic, so I try to keep preservatives on hand at all times. But doing that with homemade biscuits can be a whole lot of trouble so I don't make them all that often. I wanted to this past weekend though because it had been a while since I had made them.
I lost my old recipe that I used for a long time, so I went online to find a new and better recipes. As I was searching for a recipe online, I came across some http://www.wildbluedeals.com/ that sounded really great, so I ordered one of them for my house.
I did find a really good recipe for biscuits from scratch that wasn't too hard and whipped some up this weekend. I guess I should also learn how to make my own jelly and preserves so that I can make those whenever I want too. Hopefully my mom will teach me.


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