Beaba Bib'Expresso Review Mixes & Heats Bottles In 90 Seconds

Bringing a newborn home is quite a shock to the system, especially when waking every 2 or so hours in the middle of the night. If you are bottle feeding, whether breast milk or formula, it's a process. Mixing formula requires several steps and some brainwork. When you finally get back in bed, you are wide awake again and, if you are anything like me, you just can't get back to sleep. Well, it's time Mamas and Papas get a break from making bottles! It's time to get a Beaba Bib'expresso!

 What's So Special About the Bib'Expresso?

The Beaba Bib'Expresso 3 in 1 Baby Bottle & Food Warmer allows you to prepared a bottle in a matter of seconds with only one hand! The unique water flow mixes formula quickly, reduces air bubbles and eliminates hot spots. You can heat formula or breast milk to the perfect temperature every single time! No waiting for bottles to cool.

In addition to heating bottles, the Bib'expresso also comes with a food/bottle warmer to hear jars of baby food, too! There is a bottle storage compartment on the back, which doubles as a microwavable bottle sterilizer, holding up to 3 (10 oz) bottles. With a self cleaning steam system, you save time and the Bib'expresso is automatically sterilized for the next usage!

You can also use the Bib'expresso for heating your hot water for teas, hot cocoa, etc! So many uses!!
Beaba Bib'Expresso 3 in 1 Baby Bottle & Food Warmer
My Thoughts

This is, by far, the coolest baby product I've had the chance to review this year!! Beaba makes a variety of useful baby products, but this one definitely takes the cake! When I had Josiah in 2007, I couldn't have even imagined something so innovative. I remember stumbling to the kitchen in the middle of the night to mix up bottles and other times when I was holding a crying boy, trying to make the bottle with one hand. It could get very tiring and frustrating at times, but all of this can be a thing of the past!

With the Bib'expresso, the baby's bottle is ready in 90 seconds and heated to the absolute perfect temperature. All you have to do is fill the machine with water. While it's heating for the 90 seconds, fill your bottle with formula. Place it on the holder and push the button to dispense the water. It couldn't be any easier, even with just one hand!

If you are heating breast milk, this takes a little longer because you must use the bottle warmer. It's a water bath with two temperature settings, one is for a bottle and one for food. In addition, the bottle warmer bath can be removed, which is great for traveling. 

I love the Bib'Expresso and know it will be useful for many years to come. It's Papa-friendly, too, and my husband also loves it! Now I don't have to beg as much to get him up in the middle of the night. We've also been passing it around already since one of my sis-in-laws just had a baby and the other is due this Fall. I also love that there is a built-in bottle sterilizer. It's such a great invention and pretty much takes care of the bottle process without having to buy a bunch of separate pieces. I don't know one Mama who wouldn't love to have a Bib'expresso, especially those who are powder formula feeding.

Buy It
Purchase a Beaba Bib'Expresso 3 in 1 Baby Bottle & Food Warmer at Amazon for $129.95, totally worth the price, in my opinion! 

While Béaba provided me with a Bib'expresso to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Béaba, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.


Meredith Linden said...

We are so excited about your review! Please note that the Bib'expresso actually warms bottles in about 90 seconds in the United States. It does warm bottles in about 30 seconds in Europe, but with calibration, it takes about 90 in the U.S. Thanks again.

tiffanysantiny said...

i am wondering if you can use any bottle with this or if you have to use a certain bottle to be able to use this

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