Rafflecopter Coming To Children Teaching Mama!

Have you heard about Rafflecopter yet or entered any giveaways using it? We are going to run a test trial with it here on the blog. If you have any issues at all, please let me know. I want to know any thoughts, issues, and/or suggestions you may have regarding Rafflecopter.

My own experiences with it so far have been positive, so I'm hoping we won't have any major issues. Some minor issues may occur, such as links not working properly, but those can be fixed relatively easily as long as someone alerts me. :)

As soon as I get home I'll be listing more of my reviews and giveaways, along with the Rafflecopter form.


Jan said...

I've been using Rafflecopter for most of my reviews lately. I think you'll love it! :)

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