10 Tips For Safe Summer Travels

Summertime means two things to most parents: the kids are out of school and it's time to hit the road! Many of us visit grandparents, go to the beach, and, some of the lucky kids even get fun vacations like Disney World and other theme park visits. We spend a lot of time on interstates during the summer months, going to Myrtle Beach and to visit my parents in North Carolina. With two kids in the car, it's easy to get distracted. Plus, you never know what other drivers are around you and how well they drive. It can be scary, but the best thing to do is be prepared! 

Here are 10 Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe On The Road

1. Thing Ahead & Pack Smart! Plan your trip ahead of time. How many hours will you be on the road? What will you need during these hours or minutes? Toys, crayons, books, music, dvds, etc. It's worth spending a few minutes planning out what you will need or you may here crying and fussing all the way down the road, which can definitely distract and cause accidents.

2. Buckle Those Seatbelts! This is a no-brainer for most parents. Make sure those seatbelts are not only secured, but on correctly. Sometimes carseat buckles can be too tight or not tight enough, which makes them dangerous, too. Once the kids are strapped in, don't forget to buckle up, too! 

3. Check The Air In Tires! Before heading out, be sure to check the air in all the tires. You don't want too much air or they could bust, but too little can make them very vulnerable to anything in the road. 

4. Oil Change, Tune-Up, Car Work! We always get the oil changed before a big trip, especially in the summer when cars will run hot. Take your car for an oil change and pay the extra $10 or so to top off all the fluids, change windshield wipers, etc. Make sure the car is ready for a long trip!

5. No Food In The Car! We have a rule about foods in the car. First of all, kids can choke and, if you are driving, what can you do? This is very dangerous for not only everyone in your car, but you must think about others around you, too. Plan our when to stop. Finding a place with a playground is a great idea because the kids can run off some energy and then, hopefully they will be ready for a nap. :)

6. Make Sure Important Numbers Are Accessible. On a road trip out to Boulder a few years ago, we hit Denver, a rock flew up, and my window cracked immediately. Now, had we been smart, we would have called a company like Safelite AutoGlass. They can repair your windshield quickly and, in many cases, save you having to buy an entirely new windshield like I did. With their mobile service, they can often schedule a repair within 24 hours.

7. Repair a Windshield, Decrease Pollution? Actually, yes! Don't try do-it-yourself kits if you have a crack or chip. Safelite AutoGlass saves approximately 35,000 tons of CO2 during windshield production each year!! That's enough to fill the Empire State Building approximately 19 times and the number of damaged windshields being sent to landfills decreases by approx. 12,500 tons annually! 

8. Put that Cell Phone Down! No talking on the phone or texting while driving. It's a total distraction and dangerous for everyone on the road. Plus, it's illegal in many states, so you could get a ticket!

9. If You Do Break Down, Check Credentials. You want to be safe on the road and on the side of the road. Before calling a random person to come out and help you fix your car, you need to check their credentials and make sure they are safe. Many companies provide these types of background checks, including Safelite AutoGlass. They will actually email you a picture of the person coming out to repair your windshield along with their credentials. 

10. Stay Alert & Be Watchful! You may be a great driver, but what about those around you? Keep an eye out for other cars swerving, not obeying traffic rules, etc. and stay away from them. Also, watch the signs. Many interstates are under construction in several areas and that means closed lanes and potential hazards. Plus, going through speed traps can cause an extra cost tacked onto your trip. I've been there before!

 I hope you enjoyed my suggestions. What are some of your tips for safety on the road? A little forethought, attention on the road, and lots of caffeine (in my case), means for a safe, fun trip! Have a fun summer of travels and don't forget Safelite AutoGlass when in need. They've actually repaired another windshield for me in the past and not only got their within a few hours, but repaired it in no time! Plus, my insurance covered the deductible! 

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Julia @ Natural Parents Network said...

I know I definitely will be/have been traveling this summer and I have a 2 year old. Good tips. We do must of these, too. And I've also had to replace 2 windshields!

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