Buying A New Outfit At Kidsen For The New School Year

I've recently come to accept that I have an addiction that cannot be denied: boutique children's clothing, shoes and accessories. It's true! I used to enjoy shopping for my own clothes, but now I put way more focus on the items I purchase for my children. I love purchasing cute clothing and shoes that stand out in a crowd, which is why I absolutely love Kidsen, a UK children's store with absolutely amazing Scandinavian inspired children's products. From clothing and shoes to furniture and toys, they have a huge variety of items and I really want them all, but I had to just to pick out one outfit for my toddler, making him adorable and comfortable from head to toe, from Kidsen.

People used to think it was funny that I had over 100 pairs of shoes in my closet (my pre-kid addiction), but now my children also have quite a collection of their own. Kidsen has so many great Toddler Shoes that it's almost impossible to pick just one as a favorite. In fact, that have several Terra Plana and Primigi brand shoes for boys and girls, but I think my favorite pair is the I Walk Swift Blue Sport Shoes. They are cute, comfortable and versatile, so Josiah can wear them to school, outdoors and around the house.

To match Josiah's cute new shoes, I was looking for an adorable top and pants. It just so happens that Kidsen carries Mini A Ture Clothes, a Denmark boutique brand that is comfortable for play and also long-lasting. Plus, they are cute and unique! With the upcoming school year and fall weather, I decided on the Mini A Ture Casper Striped Tee in Moonlight Blue. Striped shirts are always in style and, layered with a jacket, it will be super-warm for those chilly early mornings. When paired with the Astair Trousers, they double as a pant as well as a roll-up 3/4 capri. So, when it gets hot mid-afternoon, roll up the pants and stay comfortable!

There are so many great brands and clothing for children, it really is hard to resist shopping for my kids whenever possible, especially when I find unique stores like Kidsen with hard-to-find brands! I love when I can find so many of my favorites all in one place! What's your favorite brand of children's clothing? Take a look at Kidsen and see if they have it!


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