Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season Now On DVD

We have been long-time fans of Adult Swim on Comedy Central and were so excited when we found another awesome show to watch. Childrens Hospital is so hilarious and makes me laugh every time I watch. If you haven't seen it yet, it is a must-see show. For those of you who are already fans (you rock), don't forget that Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season is now on DVD, so be sure to add this to your DVD collection. It's something all true fans should own, of course, and, yes, we also have it!

On the show all kinds of outrageous situations occur due to the silly doctors and the senseless staff. I have to admit, I've had my fair share of mix-ups and situations that were, at the time, not so comical, though looking back I have to laugh. One that sticks out in my mind is when I was on college and my roommate Holly was quite the stickler for keeping the apartment clean and tidy. I, on the other hand, was just the opposite. One day she asked me to clean the house and the dishes, so I got to work doing so. I'd eaten a Pop-Tart for breakfast on a plate and, just like all the other dishes, I thought it had already been cleaned. However, when cleaning, somehow the couch pillow got moved on top of the Pop-Tart and there it remained until Holly came home and managed to sit right down on top of it. DOH! That was over 10 years ago and she still brings that up, so yes, I got caught and will never live down the infamous Pop-Tart on the butt.

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Childrens Hospital.'


jill24295 said...

Is this a series of true stories or is it a comedy show? I've never heard of it before and wasn't 100% sure from the review.

Robin O said...

I haven't seen the show, but it sounds fun!
Thanks for the write-up!

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