Huggies Pull-Ups & A Phone Call From Tow Mater Make Potty Training Fun

I've always heard that potty training boys was much more difficult that with girls. I don't know if that is true, but what I do know is that they have definitely given us quite a challenge! With Josiah, we had him almost potty trained when we brought newborn Liam home from the hospital. He then reverted and wouldn't potty train for over a year. He was almost 3.5 years old and I was beginning to think he would never use the potty when all of a sudden he just started going! Now it is Liam's turn for potty training and he is, for some reason, just as resistant as his older brother.

With Liam, we have tried a variety of things and I even let him choose his very own potty, an Elmo potty that talks to him while sitting down. His response? He likes sitting on the potty and listening to Elmo, but that's about it. I told him he gets to go to school with big brother if he starts using the potty, too. He thinks about it for a few seconds and then starts crying, "No go potty! Use diaper!" Oh boy, we have our hands full. He loves flushing the big potty for his brother, but as for going himself, he just won't even consider it. I was hoping he would eventually just start wanting to use the potty like Josiah, but this is not the case at all! He has no qualms about having on a dirty diaper, but Mama is determined that this not last much longer.
We received some Huggies Pull-Ups in the Cars theme for Liam and he couldn't wait to give them a try! He loves wearing them, but I knew it was time for some extra encouragement that Mama and Papa just could not give. That's why we scheduled a call from Disney's very own Mater, Tow Mater!  

Want to schedule a call from either Mater or Cinderella for your someone who is currently potty training?  
Just check out the Pull-Ups website to easily schedule a call (on a day and time of your choice). Believe me, your kids will love it! Here's the video of Liam listening to his very own phone call from Mater!

As you can see, Liam was very excited to hear from Mater!

While on the Pull-Ups site, I noticed the other Pull-Ups Potty Break techniques and we definitely gave them a try. Check out this helpful and interesting infographic with some great tips for potty training:

I can so relate to the statistics above and knew that I often forgot to remind Josiah to potty, which obviously didn't help him out much. This made me realize I needed to ask Liam more often if he needs to use the potty. This alone has helped him out so much!

I also found the Potty Dance page on the Pull-Ups website and remembered how much Josiah enjoyed clapping and doing the Potty Dance, so I let Liam spin the big kid wheel on his first day of training and it landed on the Country version of the Potty Dance song. He absolutely loves it! You can also download fun tools for potty training that are completely free and help your little one not only become more interested in the process, but also be part of it. Although Liam is too young to express his thoughts, I could tell he felt more in control of using the potty and this has encouraged him to go to the potty more often. We used rewards and incentives to help him along the way, such as more time outdoors and going to the park. Plus, every time he uses the potty, we play the Potty Dance song.

I am hoping to have Liam potty trained by the end of the summer and with all helpful tips and info at my fingertips on the Pull-Ups website, I am confident this will happen! So far, we are definitely making progress, so I only see him using the potty more and more. Josiah's school has reserved a space in the beginner's class for Liam with the hopes of him becoming potty trained, too!

What are your own Potty Training tips? What do you think works best for potty training a toddler?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


Jen said...

Hmm.. interesting. The last fact on the infographic has me wondering. I've never felt more of a bond after potty training, lol.

Amy Gramelspacher said...

I'm so glad to be done with potty training! When I worked at a daycare I worked with toddlers for years so I've been through my share of training!!

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