Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller Review

I am definitely the minority in my house, being the only girl in a house full of boys! Yes, our house is always full of excitement (and a total mess), but we love to play games and are a very active family, on the go almost every day and enjoying every minute of the spring and summer weather. If they could, my boys would probably live outdoors. This is why we have to buy quality baby and children's items! My boys play rough and we play every single day! We had an umbrella stroller that promptly died when we moved up to the mountains. It could not handle the rugged terrain, the unpaved roads and hills, so we needed one that could withstand the mountains... and my boys! I have always heard wonderful comments about Joovy strollers, which is why I was so excited to receive the Joovy Groove to review.

About the Joovy Groove
The new and improved Joovy Groove umbrella stroller is finally in stock! Calling the stroller improved is a huge understatement, this thing is totally new from the wheels up.
First thing you notice when you open up the box is this techy looking super strong rectangle aluminum frame attached to the cleanest looking 600D fabric ever! Available in Joovy's bestselling colors, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black. Pop the huge canopy open and step back... you are the proud owner of the best looking and most functional umbrella stroller available today at any price.

My Thoughts
As soon as we received our Joovy Groove, my husband couldn't wait to put it together for a walk. Since we live in the mountains, we can easily hike a short trail after dinner to get out any of that extra energy Josiah has. Unfortunately, Liam is usually already past his prime and ready for sleep and gets a bit fussy. This is why we wanted an umbrella stroller and the Groove is absolutely perfect for our needs.

This amazingly compact stroller is was not only easy to put together, but is easy to tote around, fitting in our trunk with much space to spare and light-weight so I can pick it up without any issues. There are many things I absolutely love about this stroller, including:

1. There is a side latch that keeps the stroller snapped shut AND a side handle with a grip so you can easily carry the stroller around with out it slipping and popping open. That has been a huge issue with strollers in the past!
side latch

side grip

2. Look at the Mama's eye-view picture below. There is plenty of room for sippy cups, drinks, keys, spare change and any other little items I may need with the 2 drink holders and pouch.There is also a little piece of fabric that can fold down to reveal a peaking hole I can use to spy on Liam from up above when the oversized canopy is shading him from the sun.

3. There is a large basket for carrying extra items is underneath the stroller. Our last stroller did not have this feature and I ended up hanging the diaper bag on the handles, which is not at all safe. There is so much room in this area!
4. In the above pictures you can also see the breaks on the wheels, a must-have for those of us who live in the mountains. We don't want an accident occurring!

5. Liam loves it! He didn't want to get out. It even reclines if he wants to take a nap and I can adjust the edge of the seat to prop his legs up. This feature would work better for smaller babies. I remember having to manually recline the stroller for Josiah when he was a baby (aka, break my arms off holding the stroller back so he could nap) and that was no fun at all. This is a much better way!
Of course big brother had to take a turn pushing Liam, too!
As you can tell, we absolutely adore this stroller and know it will be very useful for many years and babies to come! I'm sure you will see it in my pictures in the future since we'll be able to easily take it along for vacations and road trips. Since this stroller is for babies 3+ months and can hold up to 55 pounds, you can get so much use out of this stroller. We've been using it quite often and I can definitely vouch for its ability to sustain a great deal of usage on rough terrain. The Joovy Groove is my favorite umbrella stroller and is something I think all families can benefit from purchasing.

You can buy a Joovy Groove on the Joovy website for $199!


Amy said...

I love the side snaps and the side handles! I really need to keep joovy in mind for when I have another baby. Thank you for the great review

Mama Chocolate said...

Wow, that looks pretty deluxe! (Especially compared to my ancient, $5 garage sale umbrella stroller!)
That's cool that you can use it as young as 3 months, mine is definitely not designed for that young of a baby.

Trista said...

Wow this looks like a really nice umbrella stroller. I love having a umbrealla stroller around so you don't always have to haul the big ones this looks like it would be nice and light too. I will have to check them out when I am on the hunt for our next stroller.

amyorvin said...

I really like the looks of this stroller. It would be nice to have one in blueberry. I like the compactness of it. Great review as always.


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