Bright StartsTM Having a BallTM Bop & Chomp GatorTM Review

Before Josiah was born, I remember registering for a variety of items for the baby shower. Of course, we registered for bottles, diapers and all of the essentials, but I also wanted some great toys for the kids. Many of the toys we chose ended up being Bright Starts because they were fun, stimulating with bright colors and sounds, as well as affordable. Since the kids have grown up with Bright Starts toys I was so excited when contacted to review the Bright StartsTM Having a BallTM Bop & Chomp GatorTM .

About the Toy
Have a boppin' good time with the Bright StartsTM Having a BallTM Bop & Chomp GatorTM !  Use the soft plastic mallet to pound balls through the openings, learn colors and be rewarded with flashing lights, music, and silly sounds!  

  • Use soft plastic mallet to pound balls through holes, activating lights, silly sounds, and melodies
  • Teaches colors, opposites, and cause & effect
  • Open gator's mouth to release balls
  • Can be used with or without the mallet

My Thoughts
I originally thought this toy would be perfect for my little nephew who is a little over a year old, but Josiah and Liam had a fit over it. Before I knew it, they had the box opened were trying to get the toy out, so how could I resist letting them play. The toy is recommended for children 6-36 months, so the great thing is that my nephew could enjoy playing with the Bright StartsTM Having a BallTM Bop & Chomp GatorTM and so can older children. Obviously this is the case since my 2 year old has to play with this toy every single day.
This is such a fun toy that provides delightful sounds and colorful lights for children. It's no wonder the toy is such a hit with the boys, even my 5 year old who enjoys showing his little brother what to do. They also love that the balls come through the gator's mouth!
As you can tell, we absolutely love this toy and it has become a quick favorite in our home, so we definitely recommend it for children 6-36 months! It would make a perfect gift for a little one.



judy gardner said...

looks like a great Christmas gift for my one and a half year old nieces!


brett said...

looks like a cute and fun toy!

The Penny-Wise Mama said...

My twin girls would love this toy! It looks like a lot of fun!

Harmony Burmeister said...

My boys would love this, banging with a mallet and learning what could be better :)

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