Things To Do When Visiting Kauai

When I was a senior in high school, my parents surprised me with a special trip as a graduation present! They let me choose between a group trip with friends to London or a trip with them to Hawaii. Of course, as a teenager, I picked London, but have regretted it ever since. My parents have always wanted to go to Hawaii, specifically Kauai, and I would love to go to this beautiful island, too. With all the great traveling prices right now, this is the perfect time to visit!

When looking on Summit Pacific, I found a variety of condos, resorts and other vacation rentals, which made finding a great place to stay so easy! With this already planned, I could move on to the fun part of activity planning! I quickly realized just how many things there are to do on Kauai! Did you know Kauai is known as "Haiwaii's Island of Discovery" because there are so many great attractions and activities? For this reason, I decided to share with you some of the reasons to visit and must-do activities for your vacation to Kauai!

1. Natural Wonders - There are so many beautiful natural spots to visit on Kauai, which makes this a prime place to either sit on the beach and go snorkeling or go on excursions around the island. I would love to visit Waimea Canyon, the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" and Wailua Falls, which is seen in many shows and movies, including Fantasy Island!

2. Go native at a Luau - When in Rome... experience a piece of culture and tradition, right? Your night will be filled with delicious foods, live music and entertainment to delight the senses.

3. Unique Spa Experience - Receive spa treatments you cannot get anywhere else! Experience Lomilomi massage, a relaxing rhythmic massage that feels amazing. Also worth trying is the heated pohaku stone massage to relieve sore muscles after a long day at the beach or hiking and the island.

4. Hanepepe Town Artwork - This area of Kauai is known for its artists, art specialty shops and fine art galleries. Check out some beautiful artwork and mingle with local artists!

5. Get Your Adrenalin Pumping - There are so many adventures around Kauai that you can really have non-stop fun and action! First, go mountain tubing to relax on a tube, float down the river and enjoy the views. Then, go ziplining 35 miles per hour above valleys and streams. Need more excitement? Next, go horseback riding and mountain biking!

These are some of my activities to do around Kauai and I would love to do them all. I think we'd need at least a week or two in order to see everything and still have time to relax! I know this trip will be memorable for our entire family and include fun adventures for everyone. Are you ready for a trip to Kauai now? I know I am. Which of the activities above would you want to do when there?


Trista said...

I have always wanted to go to Hawaii as well not sure if it will happen since ive never flowen in a plane and am afraid too

brett said...

i'd love to go horseback riding in hawaii!! what an amazing experience it would be!

Danielle Harper said...

I would love to go to Hawaii.... maybe 10 year wedding anniversary trip?? I am one that loves natural wonders so I am sure the hubby and I would check all that out :)

Anonymous said...

You are certainly living the dream!! The Spa Experience sounds so alluring. (I'm biased because I'm totally sore from my workouts -- I'm SO out of shape!) But nevertheless, I hope you do indulge in the many delights on this list! I'd do EVERYTHING! Haha

Mimi B said...

Oh my gosh...I want to use all those tips! I just need to get to Kauai!! Looks beautiful!

Amy said...

Wow, That picture makes me want to fly there right now! :D Thank you for suggestions on all the ideas of what to do in kauai!

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

I would LOVE to so zip lining!! That sounds amazing!

The Penny-Wise Mama said...

I would love to go to Hawaii again! I went to Honolulu a few years ago, and it was beautiful. I have heard that Kauai and Maui are even more beautiful!

kelly said...

I love Hawaii and have only been to Maui. Ziplining would be the ultimate!

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