3M Mobile Projector: Go To The Movies In Your Own Home #3MSummerFun

 Before having kids, I remember going to the theater just about every weekend. I have to admit, times have changed! If we do get to go to the theater, we are usually seeing an animated film. I was so excited to hear about the 3M Mobile Projector for this very reason. We love going to the movie theater and now we can go anytime, but the projector does more than just that, so we put it to the test!

About the 3M Mobile Projector
The 3M Mobile Projector model MP225a offers an easy way to bring a big-screen viewing experience just about anywhere. Designed specifically for use with Apple® devices, the 3M Mobile Projector offers a full, two-hour battery life – long enough to view a full-length movie. The award-winning 3M mobile projection technology provides exceptional brightness and a high-quality, speckle-free image.

Our Thoughts
During the summer we have a lot of cookouts, family gatherings and we, of course, go on our annual beach vacation! In fact, we just got back from the trip and yes, we took along the 3M Mobile Projector with us. It is so small, it fit easily into our luggage and, in the box, it is sure not to get damaged. I think my first thought about the projector was just how small it really is. How could something so small make something so big?

The 3M Mobile Projector is about the size of an iPhone!
We had a total of 9 people at the beach including myself and the hubs, the boys, Ry, my nephew, Michael, Grandma and Pop, so we end up watching many movies at night. They were so excited to see what I brought and immediately wanted to try it out, so we took it out and started reading the instructions that first night.
Michael reading the instructions and figuring out how to attach his iPhone!
All you need to set up is the projector and the connector (which come together) and a compatible decide. It can work with an iPhone, iPad, laptop, gaming decide and iPods! Luckily we had several of those with us on vacation. First we charged the projector for a few hours and then it was ready to go. We decided to connect the 3M Mobile Projector to my iPad so we could have a variety of choices from Netflix.
Almost every night, we popped our popcorn, got our drinks and moved to either the living room or bedroom to set up our movies and shows. All we had to do was connect the device to the projector and select what we wanted to view. We had to stack books and boxes to make the projector sit up straight and project correctly onto the wall, but I saw that there is an awesome tripod you can purchase that attaches to the 3M Mobile Projector to make standing it up much easier. I think we did pretty good on our own, though!

 Getting ready to watch some movies!

 Michael, Liam and Josiah watching Yo Gabba Gabba in the bedroom! Of course my nephew wants one of the 3M Mobile Projectors now. He kept it in his room that night to watch a few movies and said that's what he wants for Christmas. The kids had such a great time watching their favorite shows and movies on the big screen. There is just something exciting about watching movies on the projector that a TV cannot provide. Josiah has gotten a kick out of playing his favorite iPad game, Samurai vs. Zombies so we can watch it on the projector, too. This has definitely added some fun to our summer and to our July 4th vacation with the family!
Michael watched one of his shows and made the projection even larger! It looks blurry, but the picture was completely clear and huge!
My husband and I have also been talking about possibly home schooling the boys this coming school year and this will come in so handy for videos and other educational slides I will need to show them. There are so many things this little projector can do that I'm just amazed!

How could you use a 3M Mobile Projector with your family? Wouldn't this be a fun item to have! Be sure to Like 3M on Facebook and Follow on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest news and products!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom CentralConsulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


brett said...

you watch what we watch!

looks AWESOME>

Danielle Harper said...

Seriously this thing looks awesome! Love that you can literally take the movie theater with you anywhere. So much fun :)

Mimi B said...

Oh my gosh, that looks amazing!! It would be fun to have something like that for family get togethers or a cookout. I wonder if it would work outside against the garage.

Amy B said...

I WISH I had one of these! This looks like SO much fun!

Giveaviews.com said...

I wish I had one of these too! So many times I'm like if I only had a way to make this project. Never seen it b4

Eileen said...

That looks so fun! We have heard of friends using one of these to do outdoor football game parties. I would love them to do birthday parties and for my daughter's wedding to do a slide, photo or movie clip show. Thanks for showing how easy it is...technology intimidates me so.

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