Create & Maintain Your Pond With Bradshaws Direct

My mom and dad bought a house about five years ago and have completely updated the inside of the house, so they are now moving on to the outside. First, they put in a paved circle driveway in the front of the house. Then, my mom went to work on planting some beautiful bushes and plants around the entire house. Her latest endeavor is quite a big one and I'm so excited to see how it turns out. She wants to add a Koi pond to the front of the house to replace her broken water fountain. Luckily, I was able to find everything we needed at Bradshaws Direct, which has a variety of items to make your pond beautiful and keep your fish healthy!

I have learned so much about building a pond lately that I had to share. It's actually easy once you learn how to do it. My mom wanted to create a natural looking pond area, so we looked at all the beautiful liners and decided upon the Oase Stone Liner, which has beautiful stones attached to it.

We have just begun the process of building the pond, but went ahead and purchased all of the other accessories we knew would be necessary for the upkeep. Pond Pumps are a must-have to keep the pond clean and the water clear. My mom decided on a solar fountain pump that actually pushes the water up and gives the pond extra decoration! Filters also help keep the water clean and, with a pond pump, the water keeps moving and is goes through the filter, too. Nothing is worse that a cloudy pond. We wouldn't even be able to see the fish, so these were our first items on the list!
My mom asked me to look at pond vacuums this week and on Saturday we will be working on the pond again. My mom always goes all out when decorating, so I am expecting something spectacular. Do you have a pond? I cannot wait to see the finished product at my mom's house. I'll definitely post some pictures later!


Doris Calvert said...

We had one because I love them and it's the first project after lawn and trees when we moved into our house but with the cold winters the liners would rip & tear so we took it apart 4 times and I gave up, there are some heavy duty ones you can buy but we are talking in big numbers for price! So if anyone has a trick and live in -30 to -40 in the winter let me know! Please post pics when done I would love to see it:)

MommaMary said...

I loved their products but couldn't find any listing for the US. Are they Canadian based?

Robin O said...

I do not have a pond, but my parents do. I would love to see some more photos!

Kelly N. said...

I dont have a pond..should i get one?

Beth R said...

My mom and dad has a pond and my dad is very into taking care of it. He really loves it and even has some fish that the grandchildren love looking at

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