Updating Our Kitchen & Dining Room With Beautiful Furniture

I love decorating our new cabin and giving it a new, updated sense of style. We've taken it from 1970s mid-western style to a beautiful 2012 designer cabin that we absolutely love! The one room on which I put a great deal of focus is our kitchen/dining room area because I love to cook and spend a lot of time there. I had, in my mind, a vision of how I wanted to decorate and what pieces I would like. Luckily, I found it all at Lakeland Furniture, which has high-end designer reproduction furniture at amazing prices.

I have a dining table already, but really needed some new dining chairs that match my home. Since it is a cabin, the walls are, of course, mostly brown, so when I started looking around, I found the most beautiful Chelsea Brown Faux Leather Chairs that match the table and our home perfectly.

Since our kitchen and dining room is connected, it looks smaller than the area really is. This is why I thought it would look great with a bar separating the room into two defined spaces. I knew I wanted breakfast bar stools with a back and really wanted them with arm rests, too, but was open to other ideas and designs. When I saw the Havana Brown Faux Leather Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stools, I knew they were the ones I wanted.
As a family on a budget, I have learned I don't have to sacrifice quality and style for a less expensive product. Thanks to Lakeland Furniture, my kitchen and dining room can be decorated, updated and gorgeous without spending thousands of dollars. Take a look at the Lakeland Furniture website and leave a comment telling me which chairs you would love to have in your home!


fancygrlnancy said...

Nice.. I need to remodel my dining room. I am using my mom's table and chairs now.

monteml said...

Love your style ;=)

adamsfamily said...

I would like to have a Manhattan Brown Leather Recliner Chair And Stool. adamsfmreviews at comcast.net

Eileen said...

They have some really fun and funky chairs and stools over there! I found one in red I just love! Thanks for sharing!

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