Walmart PictureMe Studios: Amazing Pictures & Package Prices #photofun

I love taking pictures and pretty much always have a camera with me at all times, snapping shots of the boys, nature and other interesting finds. However, when it comes to special occasion pictures, I leave those to the professionals! We recently went to Walmart PictureMe Studios to get our Easter pictures taken. We always get Christmas and Easter pictures of the boys taken professionally every year, but, being on a budget, I wasn't sure we could afford Easter pictures this year. However, PictureMe Studios has some amazing prices to fit any budget! Here's a bit about our awesome experience...

Our local PictureMe Portrait Studio in Ellijay, Georgia
Before our trip to Walmart, I made our appointment over the phone and was so happy they were able to get us in only 2 days later! Our local PictureMe Studios is right down the road from our home, so a short trip later we were ready for some pictures. As soon as we walked in, we were immediately greeted. Considering there were so many people there, I was shocked out how courteous and prompt the two employees were. After briefly taking down our info, it was time to get pictures taken.
The boys practicing for their Easter pictures!
The boys were ready to pose and the photographer did her best to make them happy, which isn't always easy with toddlers! She helped pose them and get them ready for some great photos. Once they were still and smiling, she snapped some great pictures with ease.
Posing for the first pictures.
They didn't have much in the way of backgrounds that were spring-related, so our photographer made sure to provide several different poses and types of pictures. We did several of the boys together and then separate also.

Posing Josiah and getting him to smile! 
After about a 20 minute session of picture-taking, I then sat down to go over the pictures and decide which deal I wanted. There were several from which to choose. I didn't have any coupons, so the salesperson was nice enough to hand me one for a free custom wall portrait! There were also several other coupons available at the counter. Since the pictures turned out so well, I knew I wanted a bigger sized package with many prints. We were given a list of Spring Sales Bundles with several selections, each offering more sheets of photos as the price increased. We decided on the Family Bundle, which was priced at $299.99. However, we were part of the loyalty club and were given other discounts, so we ended up paying less than $250 for 24 sheets of our choice, the free wall portrait AND a CD with all of the pictures included!!! We even received the CD immediately, so I was able to share our great photos with family members online without waiting.

We were so happy with our experience and so were the boys. It was painless for them and we ended up with a ton of photos. The price was a bargain, too, and we have enough to share with all of our friends and family. Plus, if we run out, we have the CD and can print out more if needed. Want to see our end results? Here are a few of my favorite pictures:
I love this picture of my boys!

So, as you can tell, we had a wonderful visit and were very happy with PictureMe Studios! I would definitely go back and plan on doing so for our next pictures. Want to see more about our fun experience? Check out my Google+ Photo Album for my #photofun ! We'll probably get some of Josiah for his 5th birthday since they are so affordable. 
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desitheblonde said...

cute pic were the ester bunny

Deal Fanatic said...

So adorable!

Tiffany Z said...

I went there once and had my oldest daughter's first xmas pictures taken and my cousin works at our local store. I was disapointed because we were rushed,the sleeves on my daughters shirt covered her hands so her hands werent even showing. we only wanted a small package and didnt want to spend a lot of money, $200 later ,then my mom didnt get the picture she ordered.My mom usually takes my girls pictures and she'll be doing them from now on.

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