MaxClarity Foam Acne Treatment Final Review : We Zapped Out The Acne!

About a month ago, I wrote a post telling everyone I was reviewing MaxClarity, a unique foam acne medication that targets skin from the inside out to relieve skin of acne once and for all! I was excited to try it since I have always suffered from acne and so was my nephew. He is just now starting to break out and doesn't like it one bit. He was ready to give it a try to see how well it really works!

Michael is entering the teenage years and, if his experience is anything like mine, he will have a rough go of it with acne. At least he can start treating it now to hopefully prevent it later. That is my plan with MaxClarity! So, here is a picture of Michael the day he started using MaxClarity. For some reason I couldn't get the camera to pick up the acne very well, so I put arrows where you can find some of the spots, which are much more visible in person! He also has some on his arm and on his back, which are places MaxClarity can also be used.

Here's the routine, as printed on the MaxClarity box:
The routine is very straight-forward and easy to follow. We just kept everything in the box so that we could use it and keep up with the steps, too.
You can see what the foam treatment looks like above and here is Michael applying it to his face below:
It absorbs into the skin to heal each layer! He has been using MaxClarity for about a month now and it is working extremely well. He experienced a little dryness, but nothing he can't handle. It's totally worth it for smooth, acne-free skin. So, what's our final assessment? Here's a picture of Michael last week at the beach:
When you click on the picture, you can see how much better his skin looks! There is only one red spot left and it seems to be going away very quickly. He says that since he started using it, there has really been no new breakouts. If a bump comes up, it loses its redness quickly and starts fading away... no puss or nastiness to deal with at all.
I think MaxClarity is something all people with acne should consider trying. When I was younger, acne was such an issue that it really made me depressed and embarrassed to even go to school sometimes. No amount of make-up would cover it and I still have scarring today. Acne definitely effects self-esteem greatly, especially for teenagers. MaxClarity seems to have given Michael a new outlook, that he doesn't have to worry so much about acne. He had a great time at the beach and didn't once seem to worry about his face, which is so great!

Need more reasons to give MaxClarity a try? Well, the MaxClarity Difference Promise guaranteed that these products are uniquely different from any other products. You will be able to tell a difference much more quickly! I know when I was younger, the treatments we used took about a month to show any results, but MaxClarity starts working immediately to help heal your skin. The MaxClarity Difference Team works hard to research and test these acne-fighting products to make sure you are a satisfied customer and that the products you receive work like no others out there!

Using the first link on the post will take you to a great MaxClarity offer going on right now. You can receive the entire kit, with 60 days worth of product plus moisturizer for FREE! All you have to do is pay the $9.95 shipping! That's a $68 value. This won't last long, so give it a try. We definitely recommend MaxClarity. If you do try it, let us know what you think!

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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of MaxClarity and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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