Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Bounce House & Water Slide Review & Video

We received the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Bounce House & Water Park a few months ago and I had to write about it because we absolutely love it!! The kids have had so much fun playing on it. They want to play on it every day and, after much usage, it is still in amazing shape. There are no holes, no tears or anything, which means this is one durable bounce house!

I wanted to get this bounce house for two reasons. The first was because we rented one for a birthday party last year and it cost us $200 for a day. Secondly, I saw that it is really two-in-one entertainment! Yes, it is a bounce house and has a slide, but it can also be hooked up to a water hose to turn it into a water slide. We've had it during the winter and spring months so far, so we've not used it with water yet, but I have a feeling we'll be using it like crazy this summer. Be sure to check out all the awesome bounce houses you can purchase by clicking HERE!

Take a look at the video of the boys below! You can tell they are having such an awesome time. :)  I love that the bounce house is not only fun, but provides them with much needed physical activity and exercise.

This is such an awesome bounce house and we love it! Here's Liam going down the little slide and having a blast. 


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