Mother's Day Gifts For Couples From EdenFantasys

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*This post contains adult material regarding EdenFantasys.com and is for adult eyes only!*

Mother's Day is the time of year we celebrate moms and everything they do for us. It's a fun day for the entire family and a time to be showered with love. Every year my children and husband take me out for a special dinner somewhere nice. Not only do my kids make me a cute card and give me a gift, but my husband always does something special for me, too.

Husbands and partners out there, if you are reading this: get your significant other a Mother's Day gift! I always look forward to a gift from my husband and it shows me how much he cares, too. I particularly like when he gets me something that is just for me or for us. EdenFantasys has some great gift ideas for Mama from Papa, so be sure to take a look.
Yes, EdenFantasys is known for it's huge selection of sex toys that Papa can give Mama, but what you may not know is that they have many, many other amazing products, too. A few months ago, I bought several of the Not Soap Radio Bubble Baths and gave them as Valentine's Day presents. I kept "The stuff that cupid dips his arrows in' scented bubble bath and am completely addicted. It smells delicious!
What other great products do they carry? Everything from lotions and candles, to belly balm for pregnant Mamas and massage oils. I love getting massages, so their massage candles are one of my favorite items. No matter what you order, the items are descretely packaged and their customer service is awesome. That's why I personally recommend EdenFantasys. Take a look and find what you'd love to get from your husband or partner. Then, start dropping a few hints. There's still time to order before Mother's Day. For added incentive, use code XOXO to receive 20% off your order!


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